Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Less than two hours left. Don't forget to vote! Go Santorum!

The internal polling must be close. I say because Romney's surrogates - specifically Bill Schuette/Rusty Hills/Randy Richardville here are going crazy right now all at once. They are mad because Santorum is going after social conservative Reagan Democrats, many of which are union members. I know these types of people very well. My family has a large number of them. In order to win in November, you need these votes to win. Period.

Romney supporters largely wanted the open primary. Irony is that it might - we don't know yet - might come back and bit him in the arse. Because independents and democrats according to polls do not like Romney, they are going crazy. You chose the system. We could have had a caucus. You chose the system. This is coming from a guy who voted for Paul Tsongas (D) in 1992. This is from a guy who bragged about voting in democrat primaries in the past. Now that it hurts him, he's whining. This was a process backed by the same people going crazy today. The Bill Schuettes of the party. Many of us wanted a caucus. Some wanted a convention. They wanted the open primary, and they got it. They chose the rules of the game.

Personally, I wouldn't be unhappy with a brokered convention if someone new gets the nomination. Of those left currently in the race, I think Santorum is the best choice. He's pro-life, does not support Romneycare, is pro-2nd Amendment, did not raise fees or taxes, and has in the past voted for a balanced budget. He also supports manufacturing and energy development. Romney became pro-life when he ran for president, signed a gun ban, raised fees, enacted Romneycare, and flip flops so often that people flat out do not trust him. How again is this guy the "electable one?"

In addition, I have a bit of resentment in how Romney was pushed on us. We were told, over, and over, and over again from the pundits and politicians that he's "the ONLY electable one" without one shred of real evidence why he is electable and HOW he appeals to independent voters. None. All I've been getting is a shitload of robocalls about how the other guy sucks. Now one robocall sent to union members about how Romney supported the Wall Street bailout and opposed the auto one, and they go ape. Santorum is consistent and against both bailouts. That's not a secret. He said that on multiple occasions and took heat for it. Romney's taking heat too from the same people he was supposed to "appeal to" as he's "the electable" one.

Team Scorched Earth is getting scorched, and they don't like it. Too bad.

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