Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is this? Dukes of Hazzard?

Anyone that follows Livingston County politics, knows that the race for Sheriff will get extremely nasty this year. My prediction is already coming true. 

The Sheriff's race will be interesting to say the least. I'm going to be hearing about this comment later, but I'm expecting a repeat of the Homan vs Deering battles to be honest here. This one's going to get ugly. Bigtime. Bob Bezotte's the incumbent and is facing a primary with former deputy Tom Ash and former Michigan State Police Lt. C.J. Maier. The winner of the primary wins as no democrat is running.

It wasn't much of a stretch to predict. I'm not going to get into all of the reasons here right now, except to say that there is no way I'd be voting for him. You can find a lot of gems in the court records. Besides that stuff, one of the other reasons is this right here from today's Argus. There's even video

Sheriff candidate Thomas Ash's campaign manager asked Michigan State Police and the state elections office to investigate their allegation that Sheriff Bob Bezotte violated state campaign finance laws.
Bezotte calls the allegation unfounded and a weak attempt to make a "controversy" where there is none.
Michigan State Police Detective 1st Lt. Sean Furlong confirmed the complaint. He said "complaints of this nature don't always meet the threshold for criminal" charges and a sergeant consulted the state's attorney general's office criminal division, which indicated it would not pursue an investigation.
"We closed out the complaint, and there (is) no investigation," Furlong said.
"There's a mechanism for people to file these complaints through the (Michigan) secretary of state."
If the secretary of state's elections office determines there has been a violation, it can ask the attorney general's office to investigate.
Ash and his campaign manager, Michael Moorman, say Bezotte had campaign T-shirts in his county-issued sheriff's vehicle, which was parked at the Howell Sunday Farmers Market on Sunday while Bezotte was campaigning.
Moorman provided photographs and video snippets to the Daily Press & Argus that he and Ash say prove their allegations about the misuse of county's Chevrolet Tahoe. The material also is posted on Ash's campaign Facebook page under a heading of "Careless — or just plain arrogant?"

Moorman, what the hell were you doing fishing around his vehicle? If some stranger is sniffing around my vehicle, I wouldn't be responding too kindly to it. Bezotte may want to have a big German Shepherd in the vehicle next time, and the windows and back open.

This reminds me of a Boss Hogg and Roscoe P Coltrane type of plan."Let's go see if we can bust them by finding something in the truck. Get dem Duke Boys" "(Rosco chuckles) Yes Boss."

This provision of the law is intended to stop campaigning on company time. Did Bezotte use county money to pay for the shirts? Is he running the campaign from his truck or his office? Was this on county time? Was the shirt taped to the window? The answers to that are no. The only thing that there is are Bezotte T-Shirts in the vehicle in a box that are unseen unless Moorman sniffs around the vehicle. That's hardly campaigning on company time or using company resources. Bezotte better search the area for bugs. Who knows what this Moorman creep will do next.

In addition, they went to MSP. There's provisions through the Secretary of State to handle these. That takes a lot of time though. They want to make this a police matter instead. The last thing I want to see in my county's cop is some guy going to try and bust some political enemy with some chickenshit technicality, and then not even go through the proper channels. I've turned people in on campaign finance violations. Usually I've done it for those operating without a PAC and not reporting. If this is how Tom Ash is running the race, what's he going to as sheriff? Go after his political opponents? Charge every technicality that they can think of?

We don't need to be the Dukes of Livingston County.

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Communications guru said...

Wow. We agree on something. It is the Dukes of Hazard; where one party controls everything, and no matter what campaign law they break, it’s OK.

The fact remains that Mr. Bezotte was using a vehicle that my tax dollars provided to transport campaign materials. Mr. Ash or his campaign manger did not break any laws in finding the evidence of Mr. Bezotte’s clear campaign violation.

But the fact remains that if a Republican in Livingston (Hazard) County violates the law, it’s not really a violation. Could you imagine the outcry if that had been a Democrat using his taxpayer provided vehicle to transport campaign supplies?