Monday, June 11, 2012

No more trips to Ohio for Fireworks

Back in my 18-25 days, I  used to take a drive down to Ohio, picked up fireworks, and make the trip back, like so many others did. One of the most intentionally broken laws in the state is now gone, reducing one law from potentially making the ridiculous law of the week list that isn't posted every week.

From the Argus:

Jeff Cunmulaj's sign says it all: "Goodbye, Ohio." "C Ya, Indiana."
While many families plan summer getaways around the Fourth of July holiday, many people will be saving their gas money next month by cutting out annual clandestine trips south of Michigan's borders to get their fair share of the rockets' red glare.
The smugglers have won.
Now that the state has relaxed its restrictions on fireworks to fall in line with surrounding states, people can get the biggest bang for their buck right here, which is fine with Cunmulaj, the owner of Jeff's Fireworks in Genoa Township, because he wants to give them just that.
Not only are he and his customers winners, so is the state.
"This will help the state out a lot," he explained. "I pay a 6 percent sales tax to the state. I also pay a 6 percent safety fee to the state. I'm giving them 12 percent on everything I sell. It's better to keep that money right here in Michigan than have everybody driving out of the state."

Keep in mind that there's probably still noise violation ordinances in your community, so don't set off the Big Bear Cannon at 1am over the lake, especially when it is not July 4th. Sometimes that gets ridiculous, but overall, it's good to see the money kept here instead of Ohio and Indiana.

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