Monday, July 30, 2012

August Primary ballot initiatives in Livingston County

One thing that hasn't had any hype so far are the ballot initiatives for the August primary. While there's going to be a long list of proposals in November, August has its share as well, at least locally.

Here in Livingston County, we have the following depending on where you live.

Conway Township - Road millage renewal - 2.0 mills.

Deerfield Township - Renewal of 1 mill Dust Control and Road maintence

Hartland - Renewal of fire millage. 1.8819 mills.

Howell Township - 3.5 mills for Sewer Debt (No wonder most people aren't running for election).

Oceola Township - 0.9932 mills for roads - renewal

Fenton Schools - .9362 millage renewal - building.

Byron Schools - 1.55 Mill bond issue.

Fowlerville Fire Authority - 1.5 mill increase

Fowlerville Library - 1 mill increase

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