Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's the home stretch for primaries

After a long and busy couple of weeks, it's time to update this blog.

There's a bunch of races going on, many of which aren't receiving the hype. Downticket

Over in the 93rd District, there's a contested primary with four people. I know two of them. Tom Leonard and Mike Trebesh. Trebesh doesn't impress me at all. That goes back from his time on 8th district committee and how he handled the treasury turnover. When your term is up on a committee and you're replaced, be a professional about it and act like a man. I've been on both ends of that in 06 and 08. When I was on the same end Trebesh was because people were concerned about my time commitments (in retrospect understandably so), I turned over the stuff properly, shook hands, and made sure it was a smooth transition. In the other case, I'll just say there's no way I'd ever vote for Trebesh for any office in a primary election. It's nothing to do with conservatism, but temper issues.

Tom Leonard on the other hand is a great guy who I worked with on the 8th District Committee. He's a true conservative, but more importantly, is a true conservative who gets things done and isn't offensive to independents. He won't sell out, nor will he be out-organized and caught looking in that increasingly difficult district. Leonard will win in November if he's the nominee. When Clinton County lead its comeback, Tom Leonard was chair. He'd have my vote if I lived there, easily.

Over in the 30th district covering part of Sterling Heights and Shelby Township, Michael Shallal is making another run for office. I knew Michael from the campaign trail in 2010. He's principled, conservative, and a good guy with high character. He'd have my vote.

Over in the 65th District, Mike Shirkey's primary challenger supported Obama in 2008. Dan Fulara needs to be stomped in the primary for being a RINO supporting the far left and incompetent Peter Principle in Chief, and then claiming to be a Republican.

If I was in the 11th Congressional district, I'd be rewarding the person who actually got out and did the proper work to get on the ballot. Kerry Bentivolio. Some friends of mine aren't going to like hearing this, but the fact that the incumbent is no longer on the ballot doesn't mean that you go out and try and get a somewhat do-over. Back who you want in the primary, but don't try and create a coronation from the party, especially in a near-suicide mission. What are you going to do when Bentivolio more than likely wins the primary? Just as establishment likes to tell the Tea Parties and Paulites to take one for the team when their people lose, it's time for the establishment to take one for the team here if Bentivolio wins.


I grew up and first registered to vote in Genoa Township before later moving to Howell and later Green Oak where I currently live. My parents are still there and I still have a lot of close ties there to the point where if I ran for office countywide, it would likely be my best area. After some of the current gamesmanship by the incumbents there, including land use tricks, a wannabe new fake downtown plan at Dorr Road and Grand River, and a wannabe building department, it's time to send the incumbents home. They got too full of themselves. Genoa Township is what it is. It's not going to be the City of "West Brighton" or "East Howell." It shouldn't become that. In fact with Latson Road's development, you don't even need a new fake wannabe downtown at Dorr/Hughes Road. Interestingly, that spot they want for their faux downtown plans is owned by Laurex - aka Todd Smith, trustee on the board.

Kevin Spicher for Supervisor, Linda Rowell, Keli Woodall, and Bill Taylor for trustees. For the forth spot, I'd even vote for Dewey Thomas although I have some concerns there. There's too many yesman on the current board.

I still haven't decided in Green Oak. I'm probably voting for Kilpatrick and Edry, but I have to look into a few things. For County Commission, Jack's got my vote.

In Hamburg, Mike Zeglevski's running again for trustee. The Argus hates him, but I've always worked well with him on county matters. He's get my support if I was about two miles west.

For County Clerk - Margaret Dunleavy gets my vote again. I've dealt with the clerk's office there more times than I can count. They do good work.

For Treasurer - Brian Wutz. Much of the work is tax law related, and Wutz's background is the right fit for the position.

For Sheriff - Bob Bezotte, or to really get down to it, Mike Murphy.

Some of the other decisions I have made (and some I haven't) , but will be keeping quiet.


Conservative First said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Fulara.

Dan said...

I saw that. Fulara owes some money.

Still, guys like that need to be stomped.