Thursday, September 20, 2012

41 cent gas tax isn't good enough for Rick Snyder - Another reason to vote for Proposal 5 (2/3rd)

When are the 2014 primaries starting again? Rick Snyder needs a primary challenger. He's killing us and our party (and I don't think he's really a Republican to begin with, just a technocrat). I think he's hurting Romney as well. It's always been one step forward and two steps back with this guy. He vetoed the election reforms, and now he's on record - again - for yet another tax increase. Jennifer Granholm was the Matt Millen of Governors, and when it comes to taxes, Snyder is little to no different. Increase them. With Republicans like Snyder, we don't need democrats.

The chattering and government classes in Lansing have long been on a jihad to increase the gas tax and registration fees. That hasn't changed and it has flared up again. From Mlive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Votes cast at the West Michigan Policy Forum identified improved transportation infrastructure as the gathering’s second most important priority.
Gov. Rick Snyder touched on that topic and more during a Thursday question-and-answer session that concluded the two-day event.
He compared raising Michigan’s gas tax and vehicle registration fees to getting an oil change on a new car.
“If you don’t make that investment (in an oil change), how much money is it going to cost you to replace an engine?" Snyder said. "This isn't any different.
“Too often we look at the public sector as a cash-in-cash-out thing. Over a 30-year time period, I think we’re saving money (by raising the gas tax and vehicle registration fees). It’s actually a reduction of cost.

Hey Rick, how much of that current "oil change" is leaked out by the system's piss poor diversion. When over half of the "oil" doesn't go into the engine, it's a Fubarred system. 

This is nothing new with Snyder. He pushed this back in 2011. I've long opposed an increase on the gas tax when it is one of the highest in the country, and gets higher as prices increase. 

Gas Prices are around $4, more in Livingston County. I recently saw it at $4.10 in Brighton. At $4.10, 41 cents for each gallon goes to the State of Michigan. That's not including the federal gas tax which is 18 1/2 cents. 59 cents of every gallon is taxed by government. That increases transportation costs, as well as shipping costs for food and every other item out there that is transported by truck or ship.

If you want more money for infrastructure, get the sales tax off of gasoline. That's 22 cents a gallon that goes to the state and does not go towards transportation. In addition, have the transportation money to to roads and not some BS boondoggles like the WALLY train. The problem is tunnel vision by the government insider class in Lansing who believe the false premise that the gas tax - and only the gas tax - can go to transportation. It's bad thinking. It's incorrect. It needs to change. 

The bad news is that unless the 2/3 proposal passes, eventually this tax increase will pass, likely in a lame duck session. When I don't know, but there's too much of a sustained Lansing insider push from the government class. Click on the gas tax label on the blog and you'll see a ton of it, largely from termed out legislators, road lobbyists, and local governments. It's not just democrats either, but insider republicans (although definitely not a conservative) like Ken Sikkema who gave Granholm almost everything she wanted in her first term. Right now a lot of legislators are scared of this and rightly so, but this could kill us in a lame duck at some point, especially if the governor is also in lame duck. 

This is a big reason why the 2/3rd amendment has to pass. It would have stopped the Blanchard, Granholm, and Snyder taxes that have been passed. It can also stop the gas tax increases whether it is pushed by Granholm, Snyder, or whoever is there in the future. The legislature does not always check and balance the governor who is mistakenly viewed as the leader of the party. Vote yes on Proposal 5.

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Angie said...

So, he is talking about a gas tax hike right before the election? Whose side is he on, again?