Wednesday, November 07, 2012

2012 Election Commentary - Pt 2 - Livingston County

Livingston County's results are in. While they aren't perfect, the voters here a lot smarter than elsewhere. We don't want to turn into another Detroit.

Every Republican running who had opponents won. The only democrats who won were those running as non-partisan, were unopposed, or those like Allen Carlson in Hamburg which ran as Republicans. The results are as follows in Livingston County.

Romney 60000 - 60.90%
Obama 37186 -  37.74% - won statewide

Not great for the county, but it's good to see that number over 60% again.

Pete Hoekstra - 51252 - 53.17%
Stabenow - 41703 - 43.26% - won statewide

Stabenow runs better in Livingston County than most dems, but Hoekstra's lack of campaigning hurt him more than anything else.

Mike Rogers - 65308 - 68.65%
Lance Enderle - 26079 - 27.41%

Rogers had a spirited challenge from Enderle, but it went nowhere.

State rep:

42nd (was 66th)
Bill Rogers -31429 - 63.14%
Shanda Willis - 16453 - 33.05%

Cindy Denby - 27619 - 63.95%
Shawn Lowe Desai - 13886 - 32.15%

Bill Vailliencourt - 57279 - 64.92%
Matt Evans - 30442 - 34.50%

The county commissioner seats are all nearly 2-1 or better. Two interesting ones were this:

Jay Drick - 5384 - 74.45%
Rodger Young -1799 - 24.88%

Young is a libertarian. No dem ran. This shows the futility of 3rd parties. In a one on one matchup, they don't break 30% of the vote in almost all cases.

Dennis Dolan - 5953 - 58.10%
Jim Katakowski - 4237 - 41.35%

This was the toughest district based in Hamburg Township. Dolan isn't a campaigner, which drives many of us in county or district party up a wall. I think this will continue to be our toughest defense.

None of the trustees were close except Hamburg.

Last Republican - Jason Negri  - 6083
Annette Koeble - 5119

From a two party standpoint, it's about 54-45. Negri was 4th place. Rumor was that Koeble was backed by many of the people in Hamburg Township government. It wouldn't surprise me since Carlson is a RINO in the truest sense.

Two dems won in Howell Township and the incumbent dem won in Unadilla Township. They were both unopposed. That's on the party. There's no excuse.

Tyrone Township had nobody file at the deadline, but there were four republicans that did get themselves on the ballot as (originally) a write-in in the primary. They all won.

Supreme Court is likely going to be Markman, Zahra, and McCormack. I was sorry to see McCormack win and O'Brien lose. Markman, Zahra, and O'Brien won the county.

Probate Court was interesting:
Miriam Cavanaugh - 33180 - 51.42%
Lori Marran - 30919 - 47.92%

I'll remain quiet about who I voted for here. I'll also say that I wonder if Cavanaugh won partly due to the UAW endorsing Marran. I made my decision before I found out about the UAW's endorsement, but I know at least five people - all with UAW ties, vote for Cavanaugh based on that endorsement. Most people don't follow probate law and when it's a close call (as it was for me since I think both would be a good judge), sometimes certain endorsements matter for good (Sue Reck in Marran's case, Vailliencourt in Cavanaugh's case) or for bad (UAW).  

ALL of the proposals failed statewide. In County, Prop 1 passed easily while the rest failed badly.

For the tax measures.

Brighton City - NO win by 125
Green Oak - YES wins by 520
Howell Township - NO wins 4.5-1. Again. Did they finally get the message?
Brighton Schools - YES wins by 1500

 Lastly, the schools. Conservatives split the results here.

Brighton Schools.
Jay Krause and Nick Fiani win. Fiani's win was an upset due to his results last time. I think those "Conservative Nick Fiani" signs out there helped in a big way. Ken Stahl was the treasurer of the millage committee and the favorite. Big win for taxpayers with Fiani defeating Stahl. Too bad Van Henteryk didn't win.

Howell Schools:
Two conservatives won here. Deb McCormick and Mike Moloney. Moloney's fiscal knowledge is needed there.

Overall, we did alright downticket outside of the self inflicting wounds in Howell Twp and Unadilla. We must be vigilant as Oakland County next door at the county level is starting to dismantle what built the county and replace it with Detroit style politics as democrats won the countywide races. We don't need that here.

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