Friday, November 09, 2012

Emergency Manager law - replace it with bankruptcy court

Elections need to have consequences. The emergency manager law failed on referendum. I don't have a real problem with that. My problem is that the law likely goes back to the old. What I'd like to see is the whole thing gone and replaced with real consequences instead of this scenario that always happens in emergency manager areas.

1. People vote for bad government officials.
2. Officials spend into debt.
3. People re-elect those officials
4. Same thing.
5. Manager cleans up mess.
6. People re-elect the clowns that fouled it up.
7. Repeat.

The real problem isn't the officials. They only do what they were hired to do by the real problem. The problem is the voters of these areas that were affected by the manager. Voters in Benton Harbor, Highland Park, Hamtramck, Flint, Detroit Schools, Pontiac, Allen Park and Ecorse elected the officials that were put in receivership.  Not surprisingly, they are all heavily democrat with the exception of Allen Park which just leans democrat. Detroit has 50 years of Democrat rule. Hamtramck, Ecorse, and Allen Park are white majority or plurality so this isn't a racial thing. This is a democrat thing.

Instead of manager bailouts, these municipalities need to go to bankruptcy court. Chapter 9 or even Chapter 7. It may be time to bring back Greenfield Twp, Springwells Twp, Ecorse Twp, Hamtramck Twp, Gratiot Twp, etc. 

When shareholders don't hire good employees, they go out of business and in some cases lose incorporation. That needs to start happening to bad municipalities. It also need to be known that voters caused the problems for hiring bad people and not being active in their communities. In addition, voters outside needs areas need to be aware of what caused the problem, and not allow voters from these messed up communities to move into their area and elect trash destroying the new communities.

Elections need consequences, and we shouldn't be bailing out bad decisions over and over again. That's insanity.

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