Monday, November 19, 2012

The tax pledge isn't about Norquist. It's about us.

The Argus doesn't get it at all.

But the Washington, D.C., lobbyist has more control over U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton, than do any of the 12-year congressman's constituents, including the 202,000 who voted for him this month.
Why? Because Norquist is the author of Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which commits signers to opposing any and all federal tax hikes. Most congressional Republicans have signed it under the threat that Norquist will wage war on them if they don't, or if they violate it.

Bullshit. They sign it because the voters will toss them out of office if they raise taxes. They sign it so primary voters can say that this person signed the pledge and is worthy of my vote. All Norquist is, is a messenger. In addition to Norquist today, you have the internet and lots of people with easy access to, publishing, emails, and other things that can make a politician's life more difficult than it used to be.   

The bottom line is this. Government has not earned more revenue. Peter Principle in Chief Obama broke Bush's records on spending. Government has failed to properly manage the current trillions of dollars received. The deficit is over a trillion dollars per year. The national debt is over 16 Trillion dollars. Government screwed it up, and now wants us to bail them out so they can screw it up some more.

It's not Grover Norquist. It's the government SPENDING and the fact that voters, especially primary voters in conservative districts, don't want to see government bail itself out for piss poor decisions. Again.

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