Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Heads up with Biden's gun control aka freedom control task force

Here's a lesson for politicians who lose their balls (to put it bluntly) when things get tough on an issue. We have LONG memories on 2nd Amendment issues. The reason there was no "president Gore" was due to him becoming a gun grabber. 1994 was partially in response to Clinton's gun bans. Bill Clinton himself blamed the NRA and had a personal agenda since.

Most of these excerpts are from The Hill

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) vetoed a concealed carry gun bill on Tuesday.

The bill would have let concealed gun owners with additional permits carry their weapons in places where it was previously illegal to carry them such as places of worship, bars, schools, and stadiums."

The last thing Snyder needs right now is to be double-flanked. The unions want revenge and now gun owners are mad. Many conservatives who finally were happy at something Snyder did are now irked. Again. Now I don't think the NRA would support Whitmer or Peters against Snyder, but John Cherry? They might stay out against a Mark Schauer now that their records on this issue are about equal (can't count on although not Joe Schwarz/Whitmer bad). This veto needs to be overridden or sent back to Snyder's desk. No CPL reform. No bridge.

Pragmatically, what would the independents rather have in these criminal empowerment zones - conceal carry, or open carry by CPL holders? The latter is probably legal under a technicality. Politicians also have to remember that the opinions of the public that matter are not now, but 19 months from now. In addition, criminal empowerment zones don't stop criminals from shooting people.

Now comes John Boehner who is showing Peter Principle tendencies of his own. He's already doing a piss poor job with the fiscal negotiations (No mention of spending?) and I'm concerned he's going to sell us down the river. I got one question for Boehner. "Do you want to lose the house?" I don't want to see him lose the house, but I wouldn't mind seeing him lose as speaker either in a caucus vote, or a primary challenge. Anyone in the Cincy or Dayton suburbs/exurbs/rural areas outside there want to take him on? It's a safe district in the general election.

"We need to have a discussion about guns," the lawmaker said, relaying Boehner's remarks, "and that doesn't mean that all of a sudden we abandon the Second Amendment or the NRA [National Rifle Association] or anything like that. But there needs to be a discussion and everybody needs to participate and we need to depoliticize it."

Boehner, you're talking about our constitutional rights here. Do you understand that? We don't need any federal discussion beyond "national reciprocity" of concealed carry. Don't sell us out, or there will be grave political consequences.  Democrats were taught that lesson twice. So were individual republicans at times. Lugar lost. Partly on this issue. Walt North and the guy before Mark Schauer (then state rep) lost over votes on either firearms or hunting. About the same comments on the level of Boehner came from dem Joe Manchin. When you two rush, you're wrong.

Obama loves his commissions and the noise they all make. Nothing like appointing a guy that voted to ban .30-30 ammunition (your grandfather's hunting round) as the head of that "task force." Joe Biden. From The Hill:
Earlier in the week, Obama conferred with Biden and other top Cabinet officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
"Their participation underscores the comprehensive way in which the president views this problem," Carney said.

The White House has indicated that in addition to supporting an assault-weapons ban, the president will call for restrictions on high-capacity ammunition clips and legislation that will close the gun-show exception for background checks. But Obama is also expected to examine mental-health programs and depictions of violence in entertainment, including movies and video games.

Of course these bans NEVER apply to the police.... Eric Holder supports even a handgun ban except to police, military, political buddies, and Mexican drug cartels with Fast and Furious. Also, anyone who doesn't know the difference between a clip and a magazine needs to shut the Hell up about that issue due to ignorance. As for gun show exceptions for background checks, they don't exist. I bought a shotgun from a gun show. I went through the Federal NICS check. ALL dealers are required to perform NICS checks or similar/stricter checks on the state level.

This is the same old schiesse that the democrats pushed in 1994 and 1999. It would have done nothing to stop theses. As for so called "assault weapons", Connecticut banned them. Yes. Banned them. The motive here isn't to save lives, but for politicians to take our freedoms and gain more power, or for politicians to pat themselves on the back and say that they did something (while doing nothing that solves a problem).

As far as blaming movies and games, that's just as stupid as blaming the guns. How long have we had violence in entertainment? There's actually less school shootings today than there was. The difference today is the 24 hour news networks and the internet. Not just CNN, but also Fox and MSNBC. Violent movies. Go back to the old gangster films. Westerns. John Wayne. Clint Eastwood. Godfather in the 70's. Scarface and Arnold/Stallone/Die Hard movies in the 80's. Goodfellas in the 90's. This ain't new. Video Games. They've been violent at times since the early 90's. Mortal Kombat is over 20 years old. So is Wolfenstein. Doom isn't far beyond that. People who grew up on those games are now in their mid 30's or older. 

What's the government going to push here, censorship? That's also freedom control. While I'd agree that either the movie or the game Scarface shouldn't be for kids, that's not the government's responsibility. That's a parent's responsibility. I'd trust parents more than government officials (including public school officials).

Right now we're on defense. The leftist media wants to blame us for all the bad people out there that shoot up schools. We need to be vigilant and think long term. We need to make sure politicians think long term - to election day. Those with us we need to thank and encourage to stay with us. Those against us need to be fired. When it comes to our constitutional rights, there is nothing to discuss. We do not need to give up our constitutional rights. Freedom control is unacceptable and those that partake in it need to pay with their jobs.

For the rest of us, buy magazines, scary looking firearms, .223 (which is really fairly low powered despite the media lies/ignorance), and .308 ammo today.  Magazines especially, since I think if anything gets banned, it will be that. Buy a lot of them, and you might even make a profit on the black market if it goes. Remember how much "pre-bans" went for in 2003?

Stay cool, and stay vigilant.

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