Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Livingston County Commissioner on the way

I heard about this awhile back (although this all developed after the November election - and I was one of the early ones to know), but didn't get a chance to post due to time constraints along with being asked to keep it quiet because it wasn't a done deal when I first heard about it. Jay Drick will be resigning at the end of January to become the new county magistrate, and we'll be having a new county commissioner in the 5th District. From a political side, Jay will be missed, but I think he'll do a very good job as magistrate. He has the right temperament to be a judge and certainly knows the law. Those who argue in front of him better have their facts and law straight. Congratulations to Jay.

The 5th District covers the City of Howell, Howell Township, and Cohoctah.

Don Parker announced that he was interested in the position. He was the commissioner before Jay Drick and did not run for re-election in 2010. He was the commissioner there back when I lived in Howell. Don Parker's a safe pick because he held the office previously.

Here's what's likely going to happen:

1. An appointment.

2. The question is this. If Parker, or somebody else is appointed, when is the election? While County offices aren't usually voted on in odd number years, other offices are voted on in odd number years. It SOUNDS like the appointee will finish Jay's term unless it is interpreted that November of 2013 (and August 2013 primary) is going to have to have a special election for the position. I'm not sure when Parker was first appointed to county commission off of city council, although he was unopposed election time that year.


Updated and Edited 1-16

There's some conflicting statutes and I talked to a few people including Margaret Dunleavy and Joan Runyan. It looks like there will be an appointment next month, along with a primary and general in May and August. The filing deadline for a May primary is February 12th, so we need to be ready as soon as that special election is called.


Judy said...

Doesn't this statute apply?

Dan said...

I was looking for something like that. That makes more sense. That's what I originally thought it was going to be. I just talked to Joan yesterday. We're going to probably have a special primary and general in May/August. The word November in that statute confused me.

Too bad Jay didn't know about this before the November election. (I know for a fact that was the case).

Communications guru said...

“I heard about this awhile back (although this all developed after the November election - and I was one of the early ones to know)?” So you’re saying you were part of a conspiracy to deceive voters, or is just your huge ego speaking? I do know that you completely got the replacement process wrong. Was that on purpose?

I sure hope Parker doesn’t get in with the same backdoor way he did when David Linksz resigned from the board to take over LETS.

Dan said...

I mentioned that I knew awhile back to satisfy my huge ego. Right. No. I mentioned that I knew because there was no conspiracy to deceive votes. This was all done after the election. If Jay knew he was going to be magistrate, he wouldn't have run for re-election.

Communications guru said...

So you can't or won't answer the question.