Monday, December 10, 2012

Right to Work in Michigan

Despite being from a union family, I support Right to Work. More than anything else, it would once again help union leadership be forced to be accountable to its members which isn't the case in closed shop. Unions were needed in the 1930's. The union leadership sold out for good in the 1990's. They stopped advocating for workers in contracts and care more about going to the fancy cocktail parties and high society democrat leaders. The UAW caved on outsourcing in the 1990's in the GM strike. The unions endorsed all the democrats who supported NAFTA and GATT. All those Clintonites. Solidarity magazine these days is nothing more than a democrat party rag, even pushing cap and trade and Obamacare which is highly destructive to the auto industry. That doesn't even get to government unions which make Reuther look center-left.

Right to Work doesn't destroy unions. Those who want to join can still join. What union leadership needs to do it once again represent those workers they claim to represent. That means more time working on beneficial contracts and less time getting your arse kissed by politicians.

There's several lessons from this.

1. When you put all your eggs in one basket, you're asking for it when it doesn't succeed. As The Peter Principle in Chief Obama says, "I won". Unions - especially government unions (outside police which are bipartisan) - are a wholly owned subsidiary of the democrats. They went all in recently. The MEA led the charge against Paul Scott and for Prop 2. Prop 2 had a massive union turnout this year helping the democrats. Those scalps the unions did get in the state house came back to bite them in lame duck. The deciding votes were from losing/retiring state reps. Holly Hughes, Mark Ouimet, Rick Olson, Matt Huuki, and Kurt Damrow all left a parting gift on their way out the door.

2. What did Republicans have to lose? Not much. Statewide? Lost the presidency. So what. That doesn't mean a damn thing. Obama's not in charge here. He's a nobody. These are strictly Michigan matters, not US Government. Onward. Democrats cry gerrymandering, but in reality (state rep/senate) under APOL rules that limit municipal breaks, there's a limited amount that can't be done outside of Congressional. Most of the democrats in Michigan are self-packed. Detroit is 93-5 Democrat. Most of Oakland County's democrats are either in Pontiac or South of 13 mile and east of Haggerty. Most of Macomb County's democrats are South of 59. Other than that, Ann Arbor, Ypsi, Superior Twp, Pittsfield Twp, Scio Twp in Washtenaw County. Lansing, East Lansing, and Meridian Twp in Ingham County. Muskegon. Flint, Mt Morris, Davison, and Burton. Saginaw. Bay City. Grand Rapids (city). Marquette. Ironwood area. Mt Pleasant. Kalamazoo (City). Benton Harbor. Albion. Lesser extent Battle Creek, Port Huron, Adrian, and Jackson. Those districts outside of Jackson, Adrian, Port Huron, and Benton Harbor are dem. The exceptions are due to other Republican areas in that district. Battle Creek/Albion's district became solid dem with redistricting with other lean dem areas in it.

3. The old saying applies here. "If you are going to kill the king, you had best kill him." Scott Walker didn't go for Right to Work and the recall attempt happened anyway largely pushed by Wisconsin's MEA equivalent. It happened here too with Paul Scott. Scott lost, but his replacement was a Republican. Joe Graves. Then then pushed prop 2. From what I've heard, if the unions didn't push prop 2, Right to Work wouldn't have been considered. Prop 2 failed. The turnout damaged some republicans, but they didn't "kill the king".

Also, the goon squads are out in force. If being "tough guys" and harassing women (because they aren't man enough to do anything to a grown man without their posse), slashing tires, threats, and similar organized crime tactics is what they need to stay relevant, then they can go the way of the Gambino Crime Family as far as I'm concerned. They can perform unnatural acts on themselves. For those out of state thugs invading here (as well as ignorant thugs in state) Michigan has "Stand Your Ground" if your imminently threatened with death or great bodily harm BTW. Remember that son, in case you eff with the wrong people. 

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