Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hathaway resigns. Snyder will appoint Supreme Court Justice.

We went from Justice Cliff Taylor, a real good man, to this.From WXYZ

(WXYZ) - Legal experts are saying that Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway may have avoided suspension by the Judicial Tenure Commission by announcing her retirement , but that doesn't mean she won't face criminal charges.
Channel 7 legal analyst Tom Cranmer says that is the big question and he believes it's a possibility.
This all surrounds allegations Hathaway shuffled properties in Michigan and Florida to enable a short sale on one. It was a story first reported by the 7 Action News Investigators.
Both the JYC and the US Attorney's Office have alleged fraud against Hathaway-- the US Attorney's claim is civil for now.

With Hathaway's resignation, Rick Snyder will appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. Personally, my first choice would be Wayne County Circuit Judge Dan Ryan if he wants it. I have no idea if he does. Another suggestion would be Colleen O'Brien who ran last time. O'Brien had a close loss to McCormack. This would follow the path of Justice Brian Zahra who lost in 02 or 04 and was later appointed and won his retention race. 
I hope Snyder picks someone good and someone with judicial experience. Supreme Court Justices need to be judges first.

The appointee will have to run in 2014 for the rest of the partial term. We have to be ready to go.


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