Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Interesting blurb on the open County Commissioner seat

As Jay Drick resigned to become magistrate, a county commissioner district is now open.

I saw this on and it was quite interesting.

1/29/13- Interviews for an interim commissioner were held at last night’s meeting for the Livingston County Board of Commissioners. The seat became vacant when Jay Drick stepped down from his District 5 position to accept an appointment as magistrate. Candidates were asked a number of questions that educated the board on their intent as a commissioner, their experience and skills, and their involvement in the community they wish to serve.Candidates for the seat include Pastor Tom Huff, educator Mike Brennan, Howell Township Trustee Michael Tipton, and Howell attorney and former commissioner Don Parker. Parker (pictured on the left) served on the board from 2002 to 2010. The candidates will be reviewed by the board and voted on at Monday, February 4th’s scheduled meeting. (SO)

We'll have a special election for this spot. About the names mentioned.

Don Parker (R) - He was the commissioner here before Jay Drick took office in 2010. He wants his spot back now that it's open. I personally thought overall he was a good commissioner during the time I lived in Howell.

Mike Brennan (L) - He's a  Libertarian and runs a tutoring program.

Tom Huff (?) - Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church. I don't know much beyond that as I'm not Lutheran. He does have some name recognition in the area being a pastor. His wife donated to Shanda Willis (D) for state house, Bill Rogers opponent.

Mike Tipton (D) - I'm a little surprised that Mike Tipton's angling for a promotion to a temporary gig as commissioner literally right after he takes office at Howell Township. Tipton was unopposed for Howell Township trustee and won. Maybe this is due to making sure there is at least more than one interview. It'll be interesting if he runs for the special election. He doesn't have to give up his township spot to run, but would have to give it up if he won. Don't laugh when I say "if he won". He won once already in a shutout. I will however make sure that an R files for this seat this time.

One of these four will be appointed barring a surprise. There will also be a special election primary and general for the remainder of the term. We'll see who files likely in February.

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