Friday, January 04, 2013

The New Livingston County GOP Chair

Hard work pays off. The new Livingston County Republican Party Chair is yours truly. I didn't win this alone and had some good help and friends in high places helping me, but I earned this position through experience, good campaigning, hard work, planning, organization, and developing long term relationships. A lot of the local county elected officials - all in different wings of the party - supported me for LCGOP Chair. What stood out to me is that none of them asked me for a favor outside of doing a good job. My promise was to do the best job possible. There was no "you back me for this or that and I'll support you." Now not surprising those candidates I've helped out in the past directly supported me, but many candidates I did not directly help in the past also supported me. Some of them I've known for 12 years. Others I've known for about a month. Most I've known for a few years. That was my advantage.

My job falls into three areas. The rest is all extra. I'm not going to forget the first two words of our party.
1. Elect Republicans in Livingston County.
2. Overperform in Livingston County so Republicans win statewide.
3. Build our party and grassroots in  Livingston County. 

Those three things. The first is obvious. It's not something we can take for granted as Howell Township showed it. Carl Levin almost carried the county in 2008. I know it was an almost uncontested race because Jack was hung out to dry and McCain quit, but it still almost happened. Oakland County's pattern is disturbing as well. Washtenaw County is next door, as are Genesee and Ingham Counties. Those are as blue of county as we are red. The 2nd part and 3rd parts go together. They build on each other.

The good news is that I'm the new Livingston County Republican Party Chair. The bad news is that as of last night I can't really separate "speaking for the party" from "speaking for myself" too much. If I make a brash comment on this blog calling out someone national, it's going to come back and bite everybody in our local party instead of just me. I'll use a little more discretion, but I'm not going to change who I am, and I'm not going to be somebody who is shackled to avoid offending everybody. However, I'll probably keep most of my criticisms of Republicans in-house and behind closed doors for the next two years. The main difference on this blog will be primaries. As Chair, I can not endorse in Republican primaries with my title. That's obvious and will be a change from previous policy on my blog.

Lastly, if you want Livingston County to stay a great place to live, let's remember who built us to be who we are. Republicans. Let's not turn into Wayne County. Elections have consequences and they affect our entire way of life.


Conservative First said...


Angie said...

I am leaving Livingston, which makes me quite sad. I liked Lana, who was chair when I got here, and couldn't be happier that you've agreed to take the reins for a while.

Again, congratulations, but also thank you. It's a bear of a job, and i appreciate you being willing to step up and do it.

Dan said...

Thanks for the well wishes. It's going to be a bear of a job and a major risk and will make or break my reputation when it comes to competence. A lot of people respected on all sides placed their trust in me and that is something I take seriously.

I've known Lana since she was Victory Center co-director in 2004. Lana and Mike Z are both class acts helping me out in the transition. That's saying something because this was a very tough campaign for all sides not much little different than a primary outside of the signs, limited pool of voters, and funding.

Peter Bratt said...

Congrats! As a Dem number cruncher, it is always good to see good people in good places, regardless of the party.

Peter Bratt

Communications guru said...

I was stunned when I read this in the P & A. They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel, but this is just more proof how bankrupt the Republican Party really is. I thought Allan Filip was over the top, rude and ethically challenged, but I think you will out do him. I might have to start reading this crap again.


Dan said...

Thanks Peter. I always try and read your stuff, particularly West Michigan since I'm not as familiar there.

As for Kevin, coming from you I'll take that as a compliment. I don't know why you're so obsessed with Allan Filip. He's a mild mannered guy. How'd he get under your skin?

Communications guru said...
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Communications guru said...

I’m not obsessed with anyone. He may be mild-mannered, but he’s also dishonest. However, I’m sure you will top him.