Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome to the cameras.

As the new disclaimer at the top of the site says, "Opinions on this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Livingston County Republican Party. That was certainly true before January 4th. It still is today, even though the line has somewhat blurred to the point where it is harder to separate the two. The old Reagan 11th Commandment will be used for the most part from this point on with this blog, along with less push in primary elections due to not being allowed to endorse (as chair) in primaries. I can't be the bad cop as much as I used to. I have to be the good cop.

One thing that is great and bad about the internet and the blogs is that there's a record of greatest hits. That record, in the case of this "no holds barred" blog goes back 7 years. I started this site in my 20's and I knew I was going to have to be ready for them when I talked to Chris Behnan in the Argus last week. That's part of the responsibility as chair. Some of those greatest hits I may have to answer for now that I'm in a different capacity. Behan posted some of these in the article.

Today's Argus

Republican Michigander blogger Dan Wholihan plans to make his well-followed, no-holds-barred blog more encompassing of the Livingston County Republican Party platform.
Wholihan feels he has to: He was elected county Republican Party chairman just after the start of the new year.
"Before, I was speaking for myself only. As a chair, I have to keep in mind that even when I'm not intending to speak for the party, it sounds like I would be," Wholihan said.
"I'm probably going to be more into the details. It will be less controversial than I've been at times," he added. The Green Oak Township resident, 33, was elected by his colleagues to a two-year term as party chairman, taking the reins from former Chairwoman Lana Theis
 He was nice and said I was 33 (I was in the interview). The major difference now and then is the role. I'm not just a blogger, a contractor, a treasurer, or a consultant. Those positions don't speak for the party. I can wear those different hats then. If Joe Hune, Cindy Denby, and Bill Rogers all of a sudden shock me and turns into leftists (not going to happen), I can't call him out on the blog, at least in the same way I otherwise could. Why? Because they are good Livingston County Republicans. Any issues I'd handle behind closed door. Even before on this blog, I was usually one to call them first instead of just firing way. The difference now is that I'm going to extend that to Snyder and the rest of those statewide. As for comment. Rove and some of these national consultants will still get called out though.

I'm going to address some of things mentioned in the article here adding more context.

I knew an old Snyder quote would be there. My stance on Rick Snyder in 2010 is and was well known, as was my support of Mike Cox who did as AG exactly what he said he was going to do. I was never a fan of Nafta/Gatt. Still am not. I'm not a fan of corporate speak. Snyder has gotten much better on the evasive comments. Since becoming governor, there no question where he stands on issues. Some I like and some I don't. His signing of Right to Work improved my opinion. He also signed (and vetoed) pro-life legislation. I'm glad the MBT is gone, although I agree with our own Joe Hune instead on the pension tax and gas tax.

As for how that effects county party, I have my responsibilities. My job is three things as county chair, and that doesn't change based on the names involved.

1. Elect Republicans to Livingston County.
2. Overperform in Livingston County so Republicans win statewide.
3. Build the party.

In an August 2010 post, Wholihan criticized spending under former Republican President George W. Bush, calling Bush "the best Democrat the Republicans ever had on fiscal matters."

Well, that's true. Obama broke his records and was worse on that issue. I knew a "Peter Principle" quote would be on there as well.

"When it comes to budgets and spending, Peter Principle in Chief Obama hasn't earned the right to say anything. He hasn't shown the intelligence, ability, experience, trustworthiness, or record to say anything regarding spending. He broke Bush's records on spending, and now demands a tax increase to bail himself out."

I coined that term because Mr.Obama has talked about deficits for then 3 years and the spending increases every year. He was a 1/2 term junior senator, caught lightning, and now thinks he's a king.

In with the "Greatest hits" from the blog was a quote that I'm glad made the papers.

While Republicans are heavily favored in the largely conservative county, he noted there were no GOP challengers in November for two open seats on the Howell Township Board of Trustees. Two Democrats automatically won two of the four board seats because only two Democrats and two Republicans ran for the positions.
He said wins by Democrats in neighboring Oakland County in November give him pause, given ongoing movement of Oakland County residents into Livingston County.
"The newcomers to our county do not have the same history of good local officials on the Republican level, and we need to educate our newcomers that there's a reason why Livingston County's a great place to live," Wholihan said.
"We have to earn their votes," he added.

The first two words in our party are Livingston County. What scares the hell out of  me with Oakland is that the longtime migration patterns continue and now affect downticket, not just presidential. Wayne County to Oakland. Oakland to Livingston. Southfield voted for Dukakis by 5000 votes. It's now 80-85% Dem. Farmington Hills voted for Rocky three times. It's becoming Southfield 20 years ago. Novi was 60% R, now it's close to 50/50. After Novi is South Lyon and Milford. After that is my home of Green Oak Township on the county line.

Livingston County is a great place to live. Those who move here agree. I stayed here instead of settling in Lansing. Part of the reason Livingston County is a great place to live is due to our local county republicans who do a great job for us. That is what we have to make sure our newcomers understand. Oakland is slipping. People who are moving there are taking Wayne County politics with them. All that's left are some commissioners, Brooks, and Bouchard. A few bad democrats in the minority can be covered up by the majority. However, the dems aren't usually like Unadilla's Jake Donohue anymore or even Jim Barcia or Joel Sheltrown. They are more apt to be the "progressives" like you'd see in the big cities. Liz Brater, Gary Peters, SEIU, and George Soros.

As far as my plans for county party, it is to first use the tools we have to reach our potential. This is a conservative county. While radio talk show hosts always mention that "conservatism works when it is tried" here is a case of it working in action over a period of years. IMO, we don't do a good enough job of explaining that, particularly with the issues with DC. Things get done here, with low taxes, and a balanced budget every year. It's not talk, like Obama with the deficit. It's action. Livingston County is a safe place to live as well, unlike many democrat havens out there.

Whom we elect, especially locally, makes a big difference. Let's not forget what brought us here.


Communications guru said...

So much for the liberal media. I don’t think the paper has ever had a front page story on a new chair of a local political party. The last time they had a story on the chair on the front page I wrote them when I did a Neighbors feature on Cindy Pine and Joe Carney some 10 years ago. This will not do much to ease your already huge ego. The article did have some inaccuracies, like calling this blog “well-followed.” When I stopped reading your lies for a while, I think that left about three readers. This should help you pick up a few readers; those doing opposition research. I have to hand it to Judy for saying some nice things after all the disgusting lies you have spread about the president and the way you attacked us both.

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