Thursday, February 21, 2013

Illinois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis

Warning - Some language in the Blues Brothers clip.

I got a $100 red light camera ticket from Chicago in the mail today. One problem. I haven't driven in Illinois, let alone Chicago, in at least 12 years. I also have never driven my current wheels there. The vehicle's license plate was off by one letter (Which I can tell even on the red light camera picture sent to me). It was a different vehicle from Michigan. I won't post pictures but you can bet your arse that I'll be sending a nice file to Sh-tcago (gave up swearing for Lent) to contest this piece of trash. They got the wrong car.

I'm even more insulted that they sent a picture of a foreign car to me and claim that it was my car. Anyone that knows me knows I drive Fords, not Scion. My family would disown me otherwise The picture of the vehicle was a Scion XD. I drive a older truck based Ford Explorer. There is a big difference. M and N are different letters. Fords and Scions are different vehicles. One quick license plate cross check should have handled that.

I wouldn't expect anything less than incompetence or a moneygrab attempt from the city that gave us Al Capone, Barack Obama, the Daley family, Dan Rostenkowski, Sam Giancana, Fred Roti (A Mobster who was a city alderman which lead the push for the gun ban), Pat Marcy, Jesse Jackson, Mel Reynolds, Rod Blagojevich, Rahm Emanuel, Daniel Walker, and Otto Kerner. Many of them are or have been jailbirds at some point. It's called C(r)ook County, Illinois(e) for a reason. Half of the pols there seem to end up in the big house.

 That's what democrat run cities get you.


Communications guru said...
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Communications guru said...

Wow. You are absolutely full of shit. Right, Chicago, one of the greatest cities in the world, is the only city to use red light cameras. In your little warped world, it’s OK to run a red light. I figured you would drive a Toyota because you hate union members so much.

Dan said...

I didn't run a red light, jagoff. I wasn't even there. I don't hate union members either. Most I know don't have much use for their union bosses who do nothing to help them anyway.

Communications guru said...

Says you, jagoff. Even if you weren’t, somebody did, and you condone it. Please, of course you hate union members. If they don’t like their “their union bosses” they can vote them out. They can also not join the union. So I guess its democracy you don’t like.