Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Karl Kling also announces for the 47th District (HD-47)

I just saw this in the Argus. I knew he had a Bureau of Elections committee up, but I was waiting for a formal announcement before commenting.

Michigan Sports Academy-Livingston owner Karl Kling has announced his candidacy for Michigan’s 47th House District seat, currently filled by state Rep. Cindy Denby, R-Handy Township.
Kling is running as a GOP candidate for the seat, which is open in 2014 because Denby is term-limited.
He owns Michigan Sports Academy-Livingston, 760 McPherson Park Drive in Howell. The business is an indoor baseball and softball training facility. Kling is also a former Milford Times editor.

I don't know Karl Kling and found out what I could quickly. I saw his linkedin profile and saw he was active out in Oakland County politics for awhile and a writer with the South Lyon Herald. He was the chief of staff of Nancy Cassis and the Communications Director and later Executive Director for the OCRP. He lasted over a term as ED after the two years turnover, so he showed something they liked. His wife is/was Joe and Marty Knollenberg's treasurer so there are some strong political connections in the family, probably from the time with OCRP.

He's a relative stranger to Livingston County Politics to a large extent however which is much different and still more small town oriented than Oakland. With his baseball involvement, he's not a stranger to the Howell area community which values athletics. The question is if he can apply what he learned in Oakland to here, and get his baseball folks all behind him this campaign.

I expect Dr Vaupel to use the Joe Hune/Cindy Denby tried and true strategy for the district. If both of these candidates work like they are probably capable of working, it should be a good race. I haven't seen of any other names on the list.

Since I'm County Chair, I won't be making an endorsement in this primary except to say that either Hank Vaupel, Karl Kling, or someone else that wins will have tough shoes to full. Joe and Cindy both did a very good job in the 47th. That won't be easy to replace.

Good luck to both candidates, and I hope it's a good clean primary.

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