Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lana Theis running in 42nd District for State Rep

Campaign season is starting early here in Livingston County. We already have three candidates running in the 47th District, and now we have our first announcement for my own 42nd District (Which was the 66th District until 2012). Lana Theis, past chair of LCGOP and current Brighton Township Treasurer, is running to replace Bill Rogers, who is currently term limited.

I've known Lana for almost ten years. I first met her when she was one of the Victory Center directors back in 2004. Since then, she's had various party leadership positions including being the past LCGOP Chair.  She was also one of the leaders against the infamous and highly restrictive Brighton Township Tree Ordnance (Repealed) and later became Brighton Township Treasurer. She's currently in her 2nd term. Most recently, she lead the fight for Proposal 5, which was the push for a 2/3rd legislative requirement to raise taxes. I supported that proposal and voted for it. It unfortunately did not pass. She's also a longtime friend of Americans for Prosperity.

Lana is a fiscal and social conservative and does not hide that fact. I think she'll be a strong candidate if she gets the funding and stays focused.

Other candidates may run as well. If everyone I think might run does run, I'm going to have a real tough time with my decision, and that's in a positive sense instead of a lesser of evils sense. Most of the names I'm hearing are good people.

I'm not making any endorsements outside of the winning primary candidate because I am the current LCGOP chair.

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