Sunday, April 28, 2013

Upcoming 2013 Elections

The Secretary of State lists all the May Elections here.

There's three elections here in different parts of  Livingston County.

Hartland Schools and Dexter Schools have millage renewal proposals. I don't know who drew up the school boundaries to put a portion of Dexter schools in this county (Hamburg) since it doesn't make geographic sense. Interestingly with Dexter, the village is having a vote on incorporation. It may become a city.

We also have an uncontested primary for District 5's County Commissioner district covering Howell, Howell Township, and Cohoctah Township. Despite that, we need to make sure that our folks vote and vote for Don Parker. Parker may be uncontested, but a good primary showing for him may put momentum on our side for the August general election which IS contested.

There is going to be at least one election this August. District 5 County Commissioner's special general election. There may or may not be more. That depends on how many candidates run for City Councils.

Brighton and Howell City Council have their nonpartisan elections this year. If there are more than double the number of candidates per positions running, then we will have a primary and a general similar to the old southern style elections where there's a run-off.

From the Argus.

Howell City Clerk Jane Cartwright said Mayor Phillip Campbell is the only incumbent to have filed a petition.
Cartwright said Nick Proctor has filed to run for the council.
She said the mayor and three council seats are up for election in November. Cartwright said incumbents Jeff Hansen and Scott Niblock have pulled petitions, as have Daria Devantier, Nikolas Hertrich and Richard Grimes.

There could very well be a primary there. This could impact the Parker/Tipton race.

In Brighton, Susan Walters-Steinacker hopes to be the new face on the City Council by making her fifth bid for the seat.Walters-Steinacker said she has pulled petitions and is planning on running. “I think Councilmember (Jim) Bohn needs some help on protecting the residents of the city,” she said.

The four Brighton City Council seats up in this election belong to Claudia Roblee, Shawn Pipoly, Ricci Bandkau and Larry Schillinger.
Bandkau said she wants to run one more time.
“I do plan on running, but this will probably be my last time,” Bandkau said. “I have to stir the pot at least a couple more years.”

These elections don't get the hype of a presidential year, but are still extremely important. 

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