Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A good start, but the one that counts is August

Yesterday was the special primary election for County Commissioner district 5 which covers Howell, Howell Township, and Cohoctah Township. It was uncontested race on both sides, so we already knew the winners. Don Parker and Mike Tipton were unopposed. While turnout was low, the percentages were promising going into the August campaign.


2013 Primary Parker Tipton Total  Diff GOP  DEM
Cohoctah Twp 66 37 105 29 62.86% 35.24%
Howell 173 98 274 75 63.14% 35.77%
Howell Twp 178 122 303 56 58.75% 40.26%

0 #DIV/0! #DIV/0!
Total 417 257 682 160 61.14% 37.68%

This is a good start. It is nothing more than a good start and something to build on with my election analysis for August. The one that counts is August. We'll be ready. We won't get caught looking. That's a promise.

Our main opponent as Republicans is complacency. Just because districts usually vote Republican does not mean that will always be the case. We do not want the democrats to gain any foothold here in Livingston County in their push to turn every county into a Wayne County with all the Ed McNamaras, Mike Duggans, Kwame Kilpatricks, Jennifer Granholms, Monica Conyerses, and Bob Ficanos that go with it.

Our commissioners overall do a good job. Instead of being on Charlie LeDuff's news show, they balance the budget every year. They have the highest bond rating. Livingston County is a safe community. Livingston County grows while Wayne County shrinks. Livingston County Republicans planned ahead and handles the economic crash well. Other communities get emergency financial managers.

We need to remember that Livingston County being the bright spot in SE Michigan is no accident. It's partly due to good leadership, and that is the leadership in this county by Livingston County Republicans. Don Parker is part of that leadership from his previous (and current) tenure as a County Commissioner. We need to make sure Don Parker wins in August and we need to Keep Livingston County Republican.

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