Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mark Schauer - Pure Yesman

If there is one word I can use to describe former Congresscritter and state legislator Mark Schauer, it's Yesman. He is the epidomy of a yesman. He did whatever Granholm, Obama, or Pelosi asked him to do. He talks a game and tries to sound moderate, but when the going gets tough, he goes leftist.

When CCW was an issue in the Michigan House in 99/00, he voted for every bad amendment - including making cars a criminal empowerment zone (that amendment failed), but then voted for the final bill just to say that he wasn't anti-2nd Amendment. Weasel move. He then cosponsored a major gun grab package with Gilda Jacobs that luckily went nowhere.

He supports every pro-abortion measure there is.

He voted for cap and trade in Michigan of all places trying to destroy our industry.

He voted for Obamacare.

He was fined $200000+ in campaign finance violations

He voted for Granholm's income tax increase.

He voted for the Obama Stimulus plan.

This guy would be the return of the Matt Millen of Governors and then some.


Communications guru said...

I knew these lies would be coming soon. You have good reason to be sacred; an EPIC-MRA poll shows them tied. It will be worse when Snyder has to defend the largest individual tax increase in Michigan history, the dismantling of public education and the flip flop on right to work for less. Hopefully, this time around Snyder will have to defend his abysmal record in debates instead of at friendly, screened town hall audiences.

When 90 percent of Americans support background checks, it’s hard to call them “gun grabbers.” Still, that won’t stop you with your obsession with guns. I wonder what you’re compensating for? It appears Congressman Schauer is on the right side of history on guns. No one is “pro-abortion.” Abortion is a private, constitutionally protected medical procedure. If you are against abortion don’t get one and work to make sure they are rare.

As the numbers show in California, he is also on the right side of history on the Affordable Care Act. The same thing with climate change. Only you, some Republicans and oil company “scientists” are still denying climate change.

Yes, you will have to put out a lot of spin before the One-term Nerd gets turned back into the private sector where he belongs.

BR said...

So CG, why do you think RM is "sacred"? Do you have a secret altar hidden somewhere that you worship him at? With all the time you spend ankle-biting for attention here, I really wouldn't be surprised.

Communications guru said...

You busted me; you caught me in a typo. I don’t see calling him out on his lies and spin about the next Governor of Michigan as “ankle-biting for attention” whatever that means.

Communications guru said...