Thursday, July 18, 2013

The travesty of the George Zimmerman Case

People have asked me why I oppose the death penalty. I don't think it's cruel and unusual punishment or unconstitutional. I do have a major problem with executing innocent people. There are also too many glory hound prosecutors out there who will do anything to make a name for themselves in high profile cases. Mike Nifong is the posterboy for that. He's not the only Mike Nifong out there. Angela Corey is another. How many prosecutors out there are of that ilk? Not all are, but there's enough out there to be alarmed.

This was not a fair trial, and still the verdict was not guilty.  Luckily Zimmerman had two very good attorneys in Mark O'Mara and Don West. O'Mara especially.

The jury made the proper verdict in the George Zimmerman case. There was no case for the prosecution. The George Zimmerman case should not have gone to trial. It went to trial because the media pushed a narrative. The narrative was that a racist white dude stalked and shot and killed Trayvon Martin because he was black and the supposedly evil "stand your ground" law allowed it. That was bullshit for several reasons.

1. Zimmerman wasn't white. The media assumed he was because his last name is German or sometimes Jewish. Zimmerman was mixed and part Peruvian. That lead to the agenda driven media then calling him "white-Hispanic." If his name was Jorge Lopez, this case would have not gone to a special prosecutor.

2. By all accounts, Zimmerman didn't have a racist bone in his body. He mentored blacks. He and his wife took two black kids in his home who had no place to go. He took a black girl to prom. That doesn't fit the media created narrative. Some media outlets and Nancy (Dis)Grace said that he said "F'ing coons." Outside of actual raccoons, I haven't heard that term in 25+ years, and that was on an old 50's era TV show. Who the hell says that anymore? The prosecution then said that he said "punks" instead. Punks were referring to those who were breaking into the homes. NBC also altered the 9/11 tape making it sound like Zimmerman thought Martin was suspicious because he was black. They are now facing a defamation lawsuit. The media did everything in their power for a conviction and can't handle the fact that they didn't get their way. TS.

3. This was not a stand your ground case. This was a strictly self-defense case. Zimmerman waived the stand your ground hearing. Those that blame Stand Your Ground are those who are following the media narrative and divorced from reality. Zimmerman was already on the ground when he fired.

4. The evidence showed that Martin threw the first punch and that Martin was on top of Zimmerman slamming his head on the concrete sidewalk for 45 seconds before he was shot. The evidence also showed a 4 minute gap where Martin could have gotten out of there. He didn't go home. He had a lot of time to avoid a confrontation. It didn't happen. I can speculate to reasons, but I'm not going to do that here because they aren't proven, much like the prosecutions case (which wasn't just not proven but disproven).

You now have the police, original state attorney (Wolfinger), and now a jury all agree that no crime was committed.

Was Zimmerman guilty of anything? I'd say bad judgment, but certainly not criminal conduct. He probably should not have gotten out of his car. There's also nothing illegal about getting out of his car, nor following Martin (unless he chased him down and attacked - and the evidence did not show that).  This wasn't murder, or even close to murder II (Depraved heart). There was certainly reasonable doubt for manslaughter as well. The prosecution even tried to sneak in murder III/Child abuse as a kitchen sink attempt at the end. Even the prosecution friendly judge said no to that.

The prosecution hid evidence and did not cooperate in discovery. O'Mara said that he's never filed motions to sanction the prosecution teams in his career. He's filed six of them. It took 6 months to get Zimmerman's injuries. He didn't have enough time to get the evidence on the cell phone which he got right before trial. This was the type of stuff Nifong did. After the trial, Corey still called Zimmerman a murderer, which is unprofessional as an attorney to say the least (and actionable). The evidence hiding and disrespect for the verdict by the state attorney is absolutely reprehensible and is the worst part of this whole case. This wasn't about justice. This was about a politician as state attorney trying to make a name for herself.

Some are trying to make this a "Republican" vs "democrat" thing. This ain't it. While Holder and Obama suck, they just ran their mouths. I'll turn my attention on them if Holder announces BS Civil Rights charges and puts on another thinly disguised "double jeopardy" show trial. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are who they are, but only have power because guilty white people cave into them.  The real powers were AG Pam Bondi, who appointed Angela Corey, and Corey herself who decided to bring the overcharges.

I also find it "coincidental" that Angela Corey filed this charges (without a grand jury) about a week before her election. What timing...... Corey needs to be removed from office by any legal means necessary. I don't know Florida law, but if she can be recalled by the people in her Jacksonville based district, she needs to be gone. At worst, she needs to lose re-election and then be disciplined by the Florida Bar. How many people got the same treatment Zimmerman did with less media attention? If these supposed "civil rights" activists want to find some real wrongs, they need to look and see other cases brought forth from Corey's office.

In order to restore faith in the justice system, there needs to be repercussions against the agenda drivers behind this. NBC needs a defamation lawsuit as does Nancy (dis)Grace. Angela Corey needs to be fired at minimum.

If that doesn't happen, then the lesson is that the justice system - at least in Florida - can not be counted on when needed. If the justice system becomes solely a "politically correct" justice system, then people will start going around the system with the return of frontier justice. That will lead to a Pandora's box of trouble.

Not guilty. Don West said that prevents this tragedy from being a travesty, but the travesty is that this railroading was attempted in the first place. 


Communications guru said...

Thank God for the media. If not for the them, the case would have been over the night Zimmerman murdered an unarmed teen for walking while black. He was given a courtesy ride to the police station given a statement and given his gun back. There was no investigation, and when they finally were forced to do it they botched it. The stupid and dangerous “stand your ground” law is certainly a factor. The guy with a gun was in danger? Good one.
There is no doubt Zimmerman profiled Martin. When he said “F--king Punks' ... Those assholes, they always get away” it was pretty clear he was profiling him.

Then you should watch something else besides faux “news.” When you call Martin a “fucking coon” you might be a racist. They used the N word 25 years ago, too, and it’s still a racist word just like coon. Again, thank God for the media. This wannabe cop has a history of profiling African-Americans. According to Time Magazine, “In the months before the Feb. 26 shooting, George Zimmerman called the police several times to report suspicious persons. In all of these calls, he identified the subject as a black male. The calls were made on August 3, 4, and 6, 2011; October 6, 2011; and Feb 12, 2012.”

Sorry, but you’re a liar. It was a stand your ground case. The jury instructions made it pretty clear, “If George Zimmerman was not engaged in an unlawful activity and was attacked in anyplace where he had a right to be, he had no duty to retreat and had the right to stand his ground and meet force with force.” Zimmerman was never in any danger from an unarmed teen, other than in danger of getting his sorry ass kicked. So the standard now is if I get in a fight and start to lose, I can shoot them? That sounds like a license to kill.

Communications guru said...

“The evidence showed that Martin threw the first punch?” What evidence is that? We have what, 35 cases a day in the U.S. of people being beaten to death, especially by sidewalk. No, wait, that’s gun deaths. Wait, Martin was not allowed to stand his ground, but Zimmerman was? Really, Martin didn’t go home is his crime? He’s being stalked, and it's OK to lead the stalker to your house? Zimmerman should have stayed in his car like he was instructed. The police didn’t think a crime was committed because they did a botched investigation and he was well known to them, and who said the jury agreed no crime was committed. So the juries in the cases of Emmett Till, civil rights workers Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner; Rodney King OJ Simpson “agreed that no crime was committed?”

Yes, Zimmerman was guilty of murder at the maximum and manslaughter at the minimum. By no stretch of the imagination was he defending himself. No doubt he should not have gotten out of his car like the police told him. Since when is stalking legal? Actually, the evidence showed Zimmerman was chasing Martin. Zimmerman said so himself.

What evidence did the prosecution hide? It took six months to get Zimmerman’s injuries? What injures? If he was so injured, why did he decline to go the hospital when the police asked him if he wanted to go on the police station? Corey is right, Zimmerman is a murderer.

It isn’t a "Republican" vs "Democrat" thing. Most people agree an injustice took place. No, the only person who sucks is you. Please. You’re turning your "attention on them?” I’m sure the AG is scared. I sure hope he brings Civil Rights charges. You mean a “double jeopardy show trial” like that for the killers of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner? At the least, he will suffer the same fate as OJ Simpson in civil court.

The travesty is that Zimmerman murders a 17-year-old black man in cold blood simply for wearing a hoodie and walking home black with no repercussions and no remorse. If not for the media, the case would have been closed and Zimmerman given his gun back. What’s really amazing is that Zimmerman is allowed to carry a gun with his criminal records. Zimmerman was asked on the Klu Klux Hannity show if he could do it all over again would he change anything, and he said no. What a fucking scumbag. I agree with you on Nancy Grace, but Angela Corey is safe, and she is a hero.

I know why Zimmerman didn't take the stand; the only person alive who was there the entire time. He would have had to defend that ridiculous tale he used to justify murdering an unarmed ten who was just walking home. After this tragedy, there is plenty of mistrust of the justice system.