Thursday, September 19, 2013

Groundhog Day

The Michigan Republican Mackinac Conference is coming this weekend. It's the unofficial campaign start and people want to make a splash there. It's similar to a convention in some ways but there isn't any major votes unlike actual conventions. One thing that does happen is momentum pushes and jockeying for perceived frontrunner status.

I haven't made up my mind for Lt Gov. I don't plan on making a decision until I see more during campaign season. I did get two emails supposedly from "friends of Wes." I was born at night but not last night. Those emails obviously wern't from Wes Nakagiri's campaign (but the 2nd email they wanted to look like it came from that campaign). They didn't even have the right address. I don't think it came from Calley either. It was from what I call a "friend of the program." If anyone has seen the movie "The Program" they get the reference. I have my suspicions from where this came, but I can't prove it.

 One of the dirtiest conventions I've ever seen came in the 2010 Secretary of State campaigns. Those two (one in particular) emails reminded me of that. That's why I titled this Groundhog Day.  Irony is that the two candidates I thought ran clean campaigns (Cameron Brown and Ruth Johnson) went on to the runoff eventually won by Ruth Johnson. This stuff doesn't help and these friends of the program don't help matters and need to be kept in check. The gamesmanship isn't impressive. I prefer the Joe Hune, Cindy Denby, and Don Parker style of campaigning of hard work, smart tactical campaigning, and being yourself. It works.

My vote will go to who helps the ticket the best to defeat the actual enemy. Don't play games. Don't tell me the other person sucks, especially in a primary/convention. Make your case,  work hard, and I'll make my decision.


BR said...

" It's similar to a convention in some ways but there isn't any major votes unlike actual conventions.

What about the proposed rule limiting the traditional nominations from the floor at a state convention? I haven't seen the specifics spelled out anywhere yet, but no matter what they are, or whether it passes, the obvious intent will be clear to everyone concerned. That will make it major in its own way.

Communications guru said...

“Defeat the actual enemy?” The only people we are at war with is the Taliban; uncles you’re not an American. Speaking of civil wars, Republican apologist Greg McNeilly really hit the nail on the head in Gongwer today when he said the people taking shots at elected Republican officials are all talk and the tea party is weak as a political force.

"The bloviating magpies that are getting the attention I think as a point of fact are really too cowardly to meet real Republicans on the primary battlefield," he said. "Republican incumbents have nothing to fear from them."

I hate to agree with that guy, but he’s right. It’s really sad when you puke all of these words out, and you know you can’t defend a single word of it.