Sunday, January 26, 2014

Regarding the Agema stuff - stop running your mouths to the press

This will be my one and only comment here on the whole Dave Agema situation which AGAIN made the papers today.

The number one thing to remember about Dave Agema is this. He's an RNC Committeeman. It's an inside baseball position. He's not a Governor. He's not a Senator. He's not a Congressman. He's no longer a state legislator. He's not even a party spokesman or a press secretary. He's an inside baseball position with a vote on the RNC. If you don't like what he's said, he's not going to impact that in his position. How many people can name their RNC committeemen and committeewomen? Not many.

Why does this stay in the news? Because people have been airing party related grievances to the press, which is a real dumbassed thing to do. Everytime that's been said, the original Agema comments which started the uproar get another airing which compounds the problem.

Again, this is over an inside baseball position. No more, no less.

In addition, every time someone runs their mouth to the press regarding Agema, more people, particularly tea party activists and social conservatives defend him. Do they agree with him? Some do, but not necessarily. They see "party elites" and the newspapers attacking him, so they will defend him because of the people that attack him. Every single time he's attacked, he'll be defended by them. It's not about WHAT he said or what people claimed he said, but WHO is against him. The view of many tea partiers and other conservative activists is this. If he resigns, the party elites (viewed as the problem by them) win. That's the biggest problem in the eyes of many. They are currently circling the wagons for him.

Worse, when people like Dennis Lennox lead the charge for resignation, it's the pot calling the kettle black. Agema SAYS controversial things. Lennox DOES controversial things, one of which was vandalizing Mark Grebner's wikipedia page calling him a homosexual. That was apparently a $1500 lesson he had to learn. He was also run out of Cheboygan County politics for a reason.

The longer this stuff stays in the news, the worse this is for the party. The best thing for the party is for this to leave the news and to get back to real issues besides someone's mouth. If you want Agema gone, wait until the convention vote for RNC Committeeman and run someone better. That's how to handle this.

My own stance is this.

A. In the convention vote between Dave Agema vs Saul Anuzis, I voted for Saul Anuzis. It was a pro-Saul vote, not an anti Dave Agema vote.  I've known Saul for years. I've met Agema, but I don't really know him.

B.When the time comes to vote on RNC Committeeman, I'll make my decision when I see who is running. 

C. People running their mouths calling for resignations keeps this in the news and does more harm than good. 

Until that period comes, I have more important things to deal with. 

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Jordan Genso said...

Well said, but I don't agree.

As a Democrat, it would be silly for me to "call for his resignation". It's up to the Republicans who they want in their leadership positions.

But if it was a Democratic Committeeman saying indefensible things against groups of people, I would want them to resign. Would I publically call for their resignation? Probably. Since I'd no longer want them representing the party, it would make sense for me to make that known, otherwise nothing would change.

The only damage to the party would be if other Democrats came to defend the person. If everyone made it clear that such inappropriate behavior was not accepted, that should actually be a benefit to the party's reputation. It's the defenders, defending the indefensible, that are causing harm to the party.

It makes me happy that there are Republicans who are standing up for what is right. It's not happiness derived from seeing political opponents fighting amongst themselves, but happiness from seeing political opponents that are actually doing what I would do myself in that position. I now have more respect for the Republicans who are standing up against the unacceptable.

I understand it's your responsibility to promote what is best for the party (and your position is correct for that goal), but it would be rather pleasant if you instead chose to promote what is best for society.