Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chattanooga VW workers tell UAW no deals

While I'll never buy a VW or a foreign car, I'm happy to see this. I'm from a UAW family, but the UAW hasn't done a damn thing to help workers since before the Clinton years. When they caved on outsourcing, followed by endorsing the NAFTA signing Bill Clinton, that was it. The plant most of my family worked is gone. The contracts are getting worse. Not all paid members of the local union could even vote on the contracts. The members can't even vote for UAW president.

The UAW is not about work conditions, contracts, or protecting good workers from bad management anymore. It's about politics, 6 digit salaries to fat cats, favors, and mafia style protection rackets. I sometimes read "Solidarity Magazine." The last time I read it, there was an abortion article featured. What the hell does abortion have to do with auto worker contracts?

From CNN

 CNN) -- Union organizers in the South suffered a setback Friday when workers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, voted against being represented by the United Auto Workers.
The vote was 712 against the union and 626 in favor. There are about 1,550 hourly workers at the plant who were eligible to vote.
The vote was seen as the UAW's best chance to organize a nonunion auto plant, because Volkswagen management did not oppose the effort.
"We commend Volkswagen for...trying to provide an atmosphere of freedom to make a decision," said UAW Region 8 Director Gary Casteel, who directs the union's Southern organizing. "Unfortunately, politically motivated third parties threatened the economic future of this facility."
Organizers faced strong opposition by Republican officials who wanted to maintain Tennessee's reputation as a non-union state in order to attract new businesses.
If the UAW wasn't a political organization arm first, this probably would not have happened. 

The UAW is now nothing more than an arm of the democrats. 50 years of "progressive" democrat rule destroyed Detroit. With Mike Duggan there, I expect more of the same. He's an Ed McNamara protege. The jobs and plants have declined or are gone here.

Tennessee doesn't need or want this crap sprouting up in Chattanooga. Eastern Tennessee has largely been Republican since The Civil War. Much (not all) of it never was democrat outside of a blowout year like Bresden's re-election. This wasn't George Wallace territory (Chattanooga area voted for him, rest of East TN did not), Clinton territory, Al Gore territory (Middle TN), or Jimmy Carter territory.

Volkswagen said it was neutral on the vote, but opponents of the union had also criticized the company for being too welcoming of the union organizing effort.
Volkswagen wants to establish a so-called "works council" at the plant, in which management and hourly workers together come up with ways to make the plant's operations more efficient.
The automaker has works councils at virtually every plant it operates around the world. But there were doubts about whether the council could be set up under U.S. labor law without a union being in place.
Volkswagen said it will try to move ahead with a works council, despite the outcome of the vote.

If you have to form a union to have a works council, why not something like Nonpartisan Autoworkers of Tennessee instead of the UAW democrats? Get the politics out of it and focus on work conditions. 


sharon holmes said...

Don't know what the tags are..
If the unions had not started in the early to mid century, I would hate to see what the mi I mum was would be k ow. People gaves their lives and beatings so we could get a small share of the. Profits to live a decent life..stop the sons have great jobs and support their ffamilies in non union shops..They are round to be PhDs in gnome engineering. They are republicans and their mother is a Democrats and a proud UAW retiree...oooops...should we have just given are profits to the czars and let my sons be 40 week stiffs just barely making by. The south should smarten up some and not let any political affiliation stop them of their constitutional right to. Choose? I think not....sounds to me like more propaganda from the tea people..

Communications guru said...

Wow. Let me see if I got this. The union ensured your family had a good life, but you don’t want to see that extended to anyone else. You are a piece of work. I’ll bet if Democrats had made the kind of threats Republican politicians in Tennessee did, you would be screaming bloody murder. Here’s the irony of this, those idiots who bought into the GOP intimidation and lies and voted against her own self interact do not have to be a part of the union under right to work for less.

I will never understand what you and your fellow republicans have against democracy. Just the right of due process you are afforded from being a member of a union is invaluable.

If you want to talk about politics, when your party does something for workers, then perhaps you will be endorsed by working people. Endorsements by a union are not automatic. But hey, as long as the DeVos family is funding all the GOP races in Mich8iga, you will never stand up for workers.

Dan said...

Sharon - That's not tea propaganda. That's from family. This isn't the same union as the 1930's or even the 60's. The plants in Tennessee actually pay more than new workers get in the new tier two system. Why would they vote for the same types of contracts (as the contracts are based off a template of all the big 3). As a retiree, did you actually have the ability to vote on the contract. My retired family members did not.

The whole problem is that UAW is no longer about auto workers and contracts, but political propaganda. I don't see much about working conditions in Solidarity Magazine. I saw abortion articles instead and Obamacare.

Kevin - ""voted against her own self interact""" What the hell do you know about their self-interest? Absolutely nothing. Why would someone vote for a group that gave their Big 3 Colleagues workers worse contracts than they have? Not to mention take money out for a political organization. As far as due process, my family members had no say in who the 6-figure UAW big shots happened to be, nor how much was in their expense accounts.

As far as DeVos goes, I didn't work for him, but those I know who did work for him have nothing but very good things to say about him.

Communications guru said...

Of course its tea propaganda, and it is the same UAW. The only thing that is different is the union busting tactics. Instead of busting heads like they did in the past, they have republicans passing laws like right to work for less. Even if your lie were true, it’s the UAW the members want since all the leaders are elected. As far as your lie that plants in Tennessee new workers more, even if that were true you can’t put a price tag on the right of due process.

You obviously know nothing about unions or the UAW. All endorsements are voted on. It’s not my fault republicans turned their backs on workers years ago.

Seriously, I don’t know anything about self-interest? I grew up in Monroe, and my dad is a retired from GM. Contracts are not given; they are negotiated on then voted on. Dues are not used for political contributions. Like I said, union members vote on the people who allegedly get these six-figure salaries. I guess you don’t know what due process is. It’s the difference between being fired for no reason as an at-will employee and due process.

You most certainly do work for the DeVos family. Every republican in Michigan works for them. You just need to take a look at the campaign finance reports for the House and Senate Republican caucuses.

This push to kill unions is just to make sure only the DeVos’s of the world have a voice and workers have none. That’s much easier than republicans actually representing working people instead of just the 1 percent.

BR said...

To quote the gushy socialist: "plants in Tennessee new workers more"

With the abundant coherence and rationality expressed above, it's no wonder Democrats think Obamacare is a big success, and believe it will get them re-elected. Bite the Union Label!

Communications guru said...

A socialist? If that means I stand up for working people, then thank you. Is that all you got, a typo? I left out the word “pay.” It's sad that all you have is name-calling and a typo.

BR said...

It's always fun to poke a stick in the (tenure subsidized) cage of a petulant old Marxist troll.

Communications guru said...

In other words, you can’t back up your position, so you stoop to name-calling. That’s pretty typical of the right.