Monday, February 24, 2014

Dale Rogers running again for HD-42

We now have a 3rd candidate in my district. Dale Rogers, who challenged Bill (no relation) in the 2012 primary, is now running for the open 42nd state rep district.

From the Argus

Novi High School teacher and Hamburg Township resident Dale Rogers is making his second run for the state House seat currently filled by state Rep. Bill Rogers, R-Genoa Township.
Dale Rogers — no relation to Bill Rogers — on Friday filed his paperwork for the Republican nomination for the 42nd District seat representing Brighton and the townships of Brighton, Genoa, Green Oak, Hamburg and Putnam in the House.
Dale Rogers said he hopes to provide an alternative Republican viewpoint from further-right GOP officials and candidates. He also ran for the seat in 2012.
Brighton Township Treasurer Lana Theis and Brighton Area Schools Board of Education member Nick Fiani are also running in for the seat in the the Aug. 5 GOP primary. A Democratic candidate for the House seat has yet to be announced.
Bill Rogers is term-limited, which means he must vacate the seat this year.

I don't know Dale well, although I met him a couple of times. He's a nice guy, and is not surprisingly running on education related issues.

The 2012 primary was one sided, but there's no incumbents this time. Lana Theis and Nick Fiani are also running for the open seat.With three people running, there is a choice in this election.

Nick Fiani web site

Dale Rogers web site

Lana Theis web site

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Dale Rogers said...

Thanks for the kind words Dan.

As you probably know from dealing with reporters, the Argus story didn't completely portray what I said in the interview.

I mentioned at the start of the interview that my three main issues are jobs, jobs, and jobs. However, knowing that I'm a teacher, the reporter seemed to want to focus on my education issues.

However I do believe the idea of revamping our state's education system to address the skills gap in Michigan will go a long way in solving the jobs issue. The reporter did do a good job on portraying my ideas in regard to that.

When the issue of taxes came up, I did say I was against the tax increases that have taken place recently and also preferred (as Reagan did in 1986) the earned income tax credit instead of increasing the minimum wage. However, I also said I really prefer Michigan adopting the FairTax system as a replacement for our current system. I emphasized I am tired of people in Lansing, whether they’re Republicans or democrats, of gaming the tax system plus playing shell games with the budget and think the FairTax issue would be a viable solution.

The reporter wasn't familiar with John Linder's FairTax proposal, and I got the feeling from his questions about it that he thought it wasn't a very conservative tax plan.

I also said in the interview I'm running to provide Republicans in the 42nd District an alternative choice to the current slate of candidates. The reporter’s mention of “further-right candidates” were his words, not mine.

I look forward to seeing you at the Lincoln Day Dinner.