Friday, February 21, 2014

Dems talking up their chances

The dems political director has been chirping. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't get this county.

 From the Argus.
“We’ve increasingly seen Livingston County as a whole trending more and more Democratic each election cycle,” said Ellenburg, who will share his message with county Democrats on Thursday.
“I think voters are very aware of what’s been happening here in Lansing, and I think folks are finding out Republicans are voting against their best interest,” he added.

Ellenberg needs to stop reading Thomas Frank and start looking at reality. I'll say this slowly so he can understand. People don't vote against their best interest. The democrat philosophy is not in my best interest. Wayne County politics is not in our county's best interest. Most of the voters that move to Livingston County don't want Wayne County politics. That's shown in the election results.

As far as Livingston trending Democrat, that's not happening. Taking away the two free passes in Howell Township, they have one elected official that has won a contested election over in heavily independent Unadilla, which isn't as democrat as it used to be.

 Ellenburg likened Livingston’s political landscape to Oakland County, where Democrats in 2012 were elected to prosecuting attorney, clerk, treasurer and water commissioner.
He said the rise of Democrats in heavily Republican Oakland County could be repeated in Livingston County with the right “farm team” that seeks quality candidates to fill the ballot.
This isn't Oakland County. There's no Southfields here. Hartland isn't West Bloomfield. Brighton isn't Royal Oak. In order for that farm team of dems to get elected here, we need to screw up badly. We have room for error to work with, although we hopefully don't need to use it. The democrats have none. They need top notch candidates here and hope that we run a Don Sherwood or nobody.

I was quoted out of context here. That's on me.

Wholihan considered the Howell Township loss a major blow and vowed to run Republicans for all open seats up and down the ticket in future elections.
He said the county GOP isn’t taking the upcoming election for granted and that Democrats could win with the right candidates.
“If bad candidates are running, then they don’t have a chance. If there’s a good candidate, they have a chance,” he said.
“Things sometimes change,” Wholihan added.
What I should have said instead was that the dems have not been running good candidates. If Ellenberg who puts his nose up in the air and says that we are voting against their best interest is selecting the candidates, than we can do nothing and still win the county. That's not how we do things, so we are going to make sure we're ready and preparing for a Jake Donahue and hoping for a Edmund Senkowski level of candidate. 

The "Things sometimes change" part is due to how we can't just assume Livingston County will stay Republican because that's how things always been. With migration we always need to be prepared. We need to make sure that our new voters see that things are run well here in Livingston County as a counterexample to Wayne County. This isn't Ed McNamara, Mike Duggan, and Bob Ficano Country. 50 years of Democrats destroyed Wayne County. During that time Livingston County prospered. One county is Republican. One is Democrat.

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