Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Government raises the debt ceiling again. 193 dems and 28 republicans to blame

The debt ceiling just got raised again. Again. The credit limit got extended, bailing out fiscal irresponsibility.

All of the house dems except 2 (and 5 no votes) voted to increase the debt ceiling. Barrow and Matheson voted right. The rest of the dems screwed over this county.

All of the house republicans except 28 voted no (and 5 no votes). 28 of them screwed this country. 28 of them took the easy way out by giving Obama all that he wanted because they either wanted more spending, didn't have the balls for a battle, or assumed that they can make up for this if Republicans take the senate. Didn't they forget that Obama has three years left?

Here's the roll call vote.. While the description is to "To designate the air route traffic control center located in Nashua, New Hampshire, as the “Patricia Clark Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center”, it's used as the vehicle for the debt ceiling increase.

Latest Title: A bill to designate the air route traffic control center located in Nashua, New Hampshire, as the "Patricia Clark Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center".
Sponsor: Sen Shaheen, Jeanne [NH] (introduced 3/12/2013)      Cosponsors (1)
Related Bills: H.R.1092
Latest Major Action: 3/26/2013 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Aviation.
Note: The measure is expected to be a vehicle to extend the public debt limit and repeal a reduction in the cost-of-living adjustment for military retirees. The House Committee on Rules has posted a text.

Apparently the cost of living adjustment repeal was not included. 

The 28 screw ups are:

1. John Boehner - the speaker. The house should have listened to me years ago and put Mike Pence in charge instead. Boehner gave us the bank bailouts and caved on every single debt ceiling measure. Big spending Bush Republicanism didn't work, and Obama broke his records and made it worse. Both are unacceptable. Boehner was there for all of it. All of it. Every single time. 

2. Ken Calvert - California

3. Dave Camp - Camp may be the most economic liberal congressman in Michigan

4. Eric Cantor - Our next speaker? I hope not.

5. Howard Coble - Retiring

6. Chris Collins - Swing district

7. Charlie Dent - Swing district

8. Mike Fitzpatrick - Swing district

9. Russ Grimm - Swing district

10. Richard Hanna - liberal republican

11. Doc Hastings - What's his excuse?

12. Darrell Issa - Defense guy

13. Peter King - Big spender.

14. Frank LoBiando - Democrat leaning district

15. Kevin McCarthy -Majority whip

16. Buck McKeon - Retiring

17. Pat Meehan - Swing District

18. Gary Miller - surprised he's still got a job.

19. Devin Nunes - What's his excuse

20. Dave Reichert - swing district

21. Hal Rogers - Big spender

22. Peter Roskam - Expected better from him

23. Ed Royce - What's his excuse?

24. Jon Runyan - Retiring.

25. John Shimkus - What's his excuse?

26. Chris Smith - Fiscally liberal. Great on life issue, but not as good on other issues.

27. David Valadao - Swing district

28. Frank Wolf - Retiring and in a government workers district.

I'm not a big Paul Ryan fan becuase he's not nearly as fiscal conservative as people make him out to be. He did come through this time.

Mike Rogers voted correctly as well, as did most of the Republicans in the Michigan delegations, Benishek, Huizenga, Amash, Upton, Walberg, Rogers, Miller, and Bentivolio came through this time.

Boehner needs to go. He needs a primary.

As I said before with this issue.

Obama and Congress both deserve the blame. This keeps going up and up and up because you have House leadership wanting to "balance" the budget over 30 years (not good enough) with a halfway job and Obama and the Senate (Both dems and the beyond worthless McCain/Graham) calling a cut in the growth of increased spending a "cut" when it really is a spending increase. The goalposts are shifted way too far with those proposals and "negotiations". Paul Ryan is no Mike Pence. John Boehner is at the point where I can't even comment except to say that he's making our jobs here much more difficult. This is unacceptable. It's killing us. We get tainted by DC even though Livingston County does such a good job with budget issues that they aren't even in our league. Budgets are always balanced and taxes aren't increased here.

It's not too much to ask for DC to balance the budget without raising taxes. It can be done. It just takes something that isn't there in DC. Guts and a plan.

The price for increasing the debt ceiling needs to be this (at a start) with a take it or leave it.:

1. Zero based budgeting of all departments. All of them.
2. Anything not needed needs to go. That includes the BATF.
3. Repeal Obamacare
4. Repeal the TSA

That's a start and by no means a finish.


Communications guru said...

Wow. You really have no idea how government works.

Jordan Genso said...

This is an incredibly disappointing blog post. All of your demands, that you would require before agreeing to let the government pay its bills, should be negotiated separate from the debt ceiling.

Unless you are willing to admit that you are in favor of default, and so you need to be given something as a concession to avoid the outcome you would otherwise prefer.

If you would rather see us default than see Obamacare continue, then make that case. What are the consequences of default, vs. what are the consequences of not repealing Obamacare. If you can make an intelligent argument that default is less harmful than Obamacare, I would be very impressed (especially since I don't think there's an intelligent argument to suggest that repealing Obamacare is more beneficial than keeping it). If you can't... well, as I said, this blog post is disappointing.

Dan said...

Kevin, I know how things work, and know that it doesn't work.

Jordan - What needs to happen is a balanced budget that doesn't raise taxes. I'd trade a default for status quo and Boehner/Obama/Bush/Reid/Pelosi budgeting. It's not my first option, but the current spending rate and debt is not sustainable.

Unknown said...

Got the point about out of control spending supported by Republicans right.

However, the idea that our local guys and Michigan guys are not part of the problem smacks of delusion or bias. Rogers is busy supporting the inflation of a police state...if you watched the CNN story last night, you see it includes billions in contracts of which his second wife was involved in obtaining.

Seems a bit hard to paint Rogers as a fiscal conservative...or at minimum he is only so on matters for which his career is not supported and surrounded by.

Its pretty ordinary for people to believe everybody is the problem except the guys who you know and like...