Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The whole Michael Sam circus. Can you play football or not?

The media is extremely pro-gay and also extremely obsessed with this issue, to the point where it's quite unhealthy. If the media supports Michael Sam, the best thing they can do is shut the hell up about it.

There's two rules in the NFL and pro sports.
1. Do your job.
2. Don't be a distraction and hurt the team.

That's it. 

Tim Tebow was a distraction. It wasn't all, or even mostly his fault. The media was obsessed with him, and there's a large group of fans who acted like he was the first outspoken Christian to ever play in the NFL. He wasn't good enough to stick as QB, like many other Heisman winners like Andre Ware, Eric Crouch, and Matt Leinart. If Tebow was a borderline practice squad player, he's not going to be kept if he's a distraction and if the team is always asking questions about him.That's why he's not in the league. It's not because he's an outspoken Christian. Jon Kitna collected an NFL contract for 17 seasons. Kurt Warner lasted 12 seasons and won a Super Bowl. If you can play, you can play.
As a fan with some background with football, I will ask this question. Do you care if the Detroit Lions draft Michael Sam? My answer is this. "If he can play and isn't a major headcase like Titus Young." Whether he can play or not is to be determined. Is he a headcase? He isn't until proven otherwise.

Outside of the headcase part, I care about these things when it comes to defensive linemen.

1. Can they shed blocks?
2. Can they tackle?
3. Can they get to the quarterback?

I didn't mention any questions about their personal lives, politics, or other things. This is football. A football player's job isn't to be a preacher. A football player's job isn't to set public policy. This guy isn't trying to be my Priest, or even my state representative. He wants to play football. That's it.

In business, I don't ask about my client's personal lives unless it's something directly related to the business matter. If it doesn't relate to business, it's not my business.  As long as it's between consenting adults, I don't care (and as far as gay marriage goes, get government out of marriage and leave it to the churches).

Can he succeed? Pro sports despite the PC obsessed media and some agenda folks is still the least PC and most equal playing field there is. When all is said and done, there's winners and losers. There's people who can and people who can not do the job. People don't care about superficial stuff, your color, your politics, or your personal life. They care about if you can do your job. If Sam proves to be a winner in football, those that don't like gays will get over it. Winning trumps everything. If Sam isn't a winner in football, it's not because he bats for the other team, but because he wasn't good enough to make the team like most people. The media will have to get over that.


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