Friday, February 28, 2014

Updates (Hamburg, MI-12)

First - Hamburg - From the Argus

Hamburg Township residents in November would be asked to fund a 15-year, roughly $19.4 million road tax under a plan proposed by a committee of residents.
Hamburg’s Road Focus Group was formed in July to consider a millage to address crumbling county roads in the township after inaction in Lansing.
The proposal would levy 2 mills in the millage’s first five years, then 1 mill in years six through 15. The Board of Trustees would need to approve the proposal before it is put before voters.
The millage would be “pay as you go,” meaning it wouldn’t be levied if the Legislature or county officials approve plans to fix the roads, Township Supervisor Pat Hohl said.
“This is a lot of work, and if we go out to the voters, we want to go out with the best product the voters have a familiarity with, or have an education on, and they can make their mind up in November,” he said.

I was at one of the meetings. If Cunningham Lake and Bauer Road (Both which have portions in Hamburg Township) are not on the road list, then Protect Genoa Township Neighborhoods is going to stay out.

I respect how Pat Hohl and company are working the process here compared to Gary McCririe and Genoa Township. Genoa's push was "all or nothing" and "this is how it's going to be." It was soundly defeated and I know our postcard was much "loved" by the powers that be there.  Hamburg Township has focus groups of citizens that have their input into the decision which is still in the workds. It's an open process and I haven't seen any games being played here. I also respect how this is going to be a November 2014 ballot issue instead of an off year sneak job.

We'll see what happens. The issue here will be determined by its merits and demerits, not gamesmanship.

As for MI-12, as expected a Dingell has announced. It's John's wife Debbie who is a long time democrat party activists and former GM executive. There may be others that run for the dems as well out of Ann Arbor. Rebekah Warren, former NARAL boss and current State Senator in Ann Arbor is seriously considering a run.

Terry Bowman, head of Union Conservatives is likely a candidate for the Republicans. Terry's a good guy and the type of candidate here who can make inroads for our party, helping in our statewide campaigns.

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