Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm your huckleberry (2008 and other updates)

McCain - I'm your huckleberry.

It's not a secret that I'm not John McCain's biggest fan. I won't go into the reasons here except to say that it's all in the archives here. In fact in most years, I probably couldn't pull the lever for him. This isn't most years.

As things stand now, McCain has my vote. Two reasons.
1. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The second is the most important. We MIGHT have good judges if he is president. We might not, but there is a chance under McCain. We won't get anything except Stephen Reinhardt clones under Obama and Clinton. That ties my hands a bit.

As far as Barack Obama goes, he's a gutless wonder who is unable to make a tough decision, has no substance, and is frankly a Jim Jones clone - as in jonestown. We don't need cults - including cults of personality - as president. We don't need inexperienced backbenchers as president either. The last time we had people with this much inexperience, we had the Carter, Clinton, and Bush administrations. I wouldn't call any of them a success, and Carter is the worst president in the last 75years. As far as Hillary goes, she was in the Whitehouse for the railroading of Billy Dale, WACO, Janet Reno, and Bosnia, not to mention her extreme socialistic policies. There isn't anything government isn't the answer for in the mind of Hillary Clinton.

I won't be excited about this vote, but nothing is really new here. I never voted FOR a president during my lifetime, only against the other guy.

On the state rep front, some candidates have filed again. One common effect of term limits are family members with the same last name running for the term limited seat. Leslie Mortimer replaced Mickey Mortimer before Mike Simpson won the seat in 06. Dudley Spade replaced Doug Spade. Joel Sheltrown replaced Dale Sheltrown. Gabe Leland replaced Burton Leland. There are three people named Lamar Lemmons over in Detroit.

It's no different in 08. Todd LaJoy wants to replace Phil. Jim Stamas wants to take a seat once held by Tony Stamas (now a state senator). Michael McManus wants for a seat once held by George and Michelle McManus.

One other interesting thing I saw. Pete Waldmeir formerly of the Detroit News is running for the 1st district seat. I never thought he'd run as a Republican. I always thought he was center-left from his columns, although not a nut like say Mitch Albom. It'll be interesting to see what happens there.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but school's taking up a lot of time here.

Lastly, where the hell is this global warming? It's -1 outside.


keithr said...

Senator John McCain has made a career out of swearing at Republican conservatives while getting into bed with Democrats, and I certainly don't expect anything different from a President McCain.

McCain won't appoint any judges that might upset his liberal friends, which means he is likely to appoint judges that people like Kennedy, Clinton, Levin, and Stabenow approve of.

We can also expect battle after battle on illegal immigration, until McCain gets amnesty, full government benefits, and a path to citizenship for all illegals.

Anyone who thinks that the price of gas is too low will be happy to know that McCain wants to jack up the federal tax on gas by at least $1 per gallon.

And McCain has never been a friend of the 2nd amendment, so we can expect attempts to enact new gun laws. An attempt to ban gun shows is virtually certain, as is an attempt to renew the "assault gun ban" (the ban on ugly guns).

All I can say is that conservatives forgetting McCain's past in November don't have to worry, as he'll repeatedly remind us why we didn't support him once he's in the white house.

Is this REALLY any better than an Obama or Clinton presidency? said...

McCain will PROBABLY make the right court appointments.

Hillary and Hussein Obama WON'T make the right court appointments.

That's a compelling difference to me.

Doc: "We had a game we never got to finish. Play for blood."

Ringo: "I was only funnin.'"

Doc: "I wasn't."

Makes you want to slap on a tin star and to join the fight, doesn't it?

Maybe it's just me.


keithr said...

I'm waiting to see if McCain attempts a reconciliation with conservatives, or if he gives up trying to win them over, instead going after independents and more conservative Democrats.

His choice of V.P. will be huge. Will it be a highly respected conservative like Mike Pence, or will it be someone like Rudy G.?

Also, in the general election will he move to the left in his speeches (as predicted by many) or will he continue to run as a conservative?

If McCain wants conservatives to hold their nose and pull his lever, it would help a lot if he makes an effort to reach out to the conservative grass roots.