Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rick Snyder - Outsourcing at Gateway

One of the biggest issues in Michigan is the outsourcing of jobs out of the United States to Mexico and China. NAFTA and GATT were bipartisan screwings of our manufacturing base, as well as to our sovereignty as GATT placed the US under WTO jurisdiction. When it comes to those issues, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, David Bonior, Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, and Jesse Helms were right. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George W Bush, and Bob Dole were wrong. I do not oppose TRUE free trade, but I support this type of governmental managed trade that puts our manufacturers at a disadvantage to other countries whose manufacturing is propped up by our government.

Here in Michigan, being tagged as an outsourcer is political death. It was what hurt Dick DeVos, even though his goods made in China were for use by the Chinese. That did not matter. Rick Snyder was at Gateway from 1991-1997. In 1991, he was Executive Vice-President. In 1996, he was the President. While Snyder was in a leadership position, Gateway outsourced the computer components. This is not a shocker as almost all computers are made outside the US, for better or worse. It's also done extreme harm to our manufacturing base. This is Michigan. Our backbone is manufacturing, and for all this talk about diversifying the economy, all the talk of the cookie cutter new urbanism and creative class claptrap that Richard Florida types say is our future, we can not throw manufacturing under the bus. Diversifying the economy must include manufacturing.

I found an old Gateway 2000 manufactured in 1995, right before be became President, and while he was Executive Vice President. I planned on opening up the Computer and checking and seeing where the Gateway brand products were made. I didn't have to. I just saw the mouse and the keyboard.

Gateway Mouse Pictures

This mouse was made in China, most likely subcontracted to Microsoft (Democrats who love outsourcing) under the Gateway 2000 brand name. You can bet that this will go out to every union hall in the country. More damning however is this.

Gateway 2000 Keyboard Picture

This is not even a subcontract under another brand name like the Microsoft mouse. This was strictly a Gateway Brand keyboard made in Mexico, likely at a maquiladora which is solely made to move manufacturing outside of the original county, in this case, the USofA. Yes, it is a common business practice, but it sure has not been beneficial to us, especially here in Michigan.

Mark this down - If Rick Snyder is the Republican nominee for governor, we will lose this race 57%-40% in another massacre. Social conservatives will stay home (race preferences, Prop 2) or in fact vote for Cherry because of the outsourcing issue if they are Buchanan conservatives. Union independents and Reagan Democrats will vote for the democrat because of the outsourcing. Those with ties to the auto industry will cool on him because of outsourcing. Snyder will not win. Even is you personally support outsourcing, it's no secret what the opinion of it is in this state. Most think like I do on it. It sucks.


Ali said...

Hey guys - will you email me: ... want to reach out to you on some issues in Michigan politics.

RDBrit said...

Business is in business to earn money for its owners and it does so by providing better quality goods and services at a lower price to its customers than its competitors do.
In a state ridden by aggressive labor unions, onerous state regulations and the highest rate of national business taxes in the Western world the only rational decision often is to outsource.
Don't blame the entrepreneurs, blame the politics of the environment in which he conducts his business.
I have better reasons to not support Snyder.

Communications guru said...

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to most of what you wrote, but this falsehood jumped right out at me. “…”his (Amway Guy) goods made in China were for use by the Chinese.” Not true.

kevins said...

Looks like guru has called you out. You know guru's reputation for the I guess you've been told.

I mean when guru says "not true," what else needs to be said?

Communications guru said...

My reputation for the truth is unblemished, especially from the likes of you, brett.

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