Monday, March 11, 2013

Charlie Aberasturi runs for 47th district

We have a third candidate already announced for the 47th District. Joining Dr. Hank Vaupel (Handy Twp) and Karl Kling (Howell) is Charlie Aberasturi out of Hartland Township.From his press release:

Charlie Aberasturi, MBA, Hartland Consolidated Schools Board Treasurer, announces his candidacy for Michigan’s 47th House District seat, currently filled by Cindy Denby.  Charlie is running as a GOP candidate.  This seat opens in 2014, because Denby is term-limited.

Charlie has worked 34 years in financial positions for TRW/Kelsey-Hayes in the automotive manufacturing industry.  A majority of his time was spent at TRW locations, creating jobs for people in Livingston County.  He held several financial positions as financial controller; forecasting, maintaining budgets and planning for the future.  He currently supports with his time and talent by volunteering at; Pregnancy Help Clinic, CASA, and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  He has served on the Hartland Consolidated Schools Board of Education for 16 years.  He has been a member of the Hartland Knights of Columbus for over 20 years. He was involved with the HAYAA organization as coach and board member.  He taught business classes at Eastern Michigan University.

Charlie and his wife Sue have lived in Hartland for 23 years.  They have 2 children, Sarah and Dan, who attend Michigan State University.

Charlie is running on the platform of “Invest in the Future.”

Charlie ran in 2008, finishing 2nd (I think he won Hartland) to Cindy Denby in the large primary field. There's no shame in that, since Cindy was a very strong candidate. What will be interesting is if the 2014 primary shapes a bit like the 2002 primary with people voting their region to a large extent. Population growth does change the dynamics a little if there's a repeat and similar patterns. This is going to be an interesting primary.

Nobody has officially announced for the 42nd District, although I expect that to change soon.That's going to be interesting as well. 

Both the 42nd and 47th are open seats due to term limits. 

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