Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Brighton takes a stand against big government

Holy Smokes. I didn't expect this big of a crowd.

It's the joker.

The Three Stooges, Larry, Moe and Curly, and the crowd.

I debated whether to go to the tea party or not, but decided to do so. With the punk and Joker Mr. Obama's latest proposal, it was the last straw. He now wants to fine individuals $3800 for forgoing health insurance. Whether or not one wants insurance is none of your damn business. Bastards. In other news, he wants to raise the debt ceiling to 12 trillion. We got to pay that off somehow. China will collect eventually.

It's time to run the big spenders, taxers, and regulators out of DC and Lansing. This tea party needs to be a first step to run the clowns out, whether it be local, state, or federal. Unfortunately, we don't have a big chance federally until 2012 when the Dangerously Incompetent Debbie Stabenow is next up. A major difference can be made at the state level when we have an open seat for the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Senate positions. John Cherry spent 8 years as Granholm's LT. Nice guy, but wrong for the job. Valde Garcia is term limited out. Joe Hune was solid in his six years against the big spending, tax raising, fee raising, and regulations that were pushed in Lansing. He'll be solid as a senator.

The estimates of the crowd range from 2000 to 4000. I'm not sure of the exact number, but it was wall to wall of people on all sides of the Mill Pond going back from Main Street to St Paul to the Gazebo to the Imagination Station Playground border. I haven't seen this many people in one spot in Brighton since the old football games in the mid 90's against South Lyon. Parking? Forget it. It was a clustermuck.

The speeches were basic less government and more freedom talk. I've heard them before as a political junkie, but it was cool for those who haven't heard them. The crowd numbers sent the biggest message. One other good thing I saw was that there wern't many idiots. Out of the thousands there, only two signs I saw that did not belong there because of Godwin's law. That's not a bad ratio. Less than 1%.

My favorite sign was this:

Democrats destroyed Detroit, now Michigan. That is the absolute truth. The liberal democrats - starting with WHITE democrats in the 1960's destroyed that city (riots were on his watch), moved out, and now want to inflict what they did there here. If you want what happened to Detroit to happen here, vote the same bums in, the Jerry Cavanaugh's of today, and continuing with the Coleman Youngs afterward.

That is what will happen if the same jokers are elected here in Livingston County. That is what will happen to the state if the same jokers are elected in Lansing once again, and what will happen to the entire country if the current fools in DC are brought back again in 2010 and 2012. Send them home. Cherry, Whitmer, Stabenow, Levin, Schauer, Peters, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Baucus.


Boniface said...

I loved the poster of Obama holding a jar of Vasoline and saying, "Here's your stimulus, America."

Dan said...

That poster gave me the creeps.

Communications guru said...

“Punk and Joker?” You have no class. You’re bragging about drawing a big crowd of Republicans in Livingston County to protest against a black president? Please. Judging by the signs they came to the right place. The paper did so much promotion for this farce I hope they got some ad revenue for their sell out. My blog is named correctly, and no one cab really believe the media is liberal.

So much for the farce that it’s nonpartisan and grassroots. I wonder how much money the health insurance lobby paid for that bus? They should have paid for the extra police and the clean-up of the disgusting signs from the public park after the Astrioturf demonstration. It’s not like they don’t have the money. I wonder who pays for that stuff? Oh yea, taxes.

What will happen when Democrats are elected in 2010? That’s’ easy: the country will continue the climb out of the Bush recession. I hope you bought a copy of Sam the cable box converter’s book. You keep dreaming about Republicans taking back what they say they hate, but I will be out their knocking doors, phone banking and calling your party out on its lies. Like your lie that the President wants to fine people for foregoing health insurance. That proposal didn’t come from him, and it proves that the best option for real reform besides single payer universal health care is a public option.

Jason Gillman said...

There you Go Kevin.. (Commie McGooberuu for those who are wondering)

Still working from the Boss's computer calling any dissent "racism.." Have you no originality? How about a sense of ownership in the problems Michigan has had? like DOOOOD.. DEMS have been in charge.. hello McFly??

Communications guru said...

“Still working from the Boss's computer?” What is that supposed to mean. I remember you. You’re the guy who got me banned from wrongmichigan when I called you what you really are – a trooper hater – after you repeatedly lied and called me a communist. I guess that site is dead so you came over here. Well, if you want fresh, truthful content you should go to my blog. I don’t censor there.

Even someone with skin as thin as yours can see that the signs were racist and Livingston County has a racist reputation. So, it was Dems who plunged the country into the recession? Nice try at spin but no dice.

kevins said...

It is amazing how often guru plays the race card. Basically he is saying that the president is black, so any criticism of him must be racist. What a crock.

I take offense. I've lived here a long time. I'm tired of cowards like guru calling people racists as an easy out when they disagree with their points.

I'll tell you who is racist. Kwame Kilpatrick who pilfered millions of dollars that could have gone to black children. How about Jennifer Granholm? In 7 years, what has she done to in any way help the black children of Detroit? In fact, she runs as far as possible to avoid being associated with them.

Even if your slurs against the county were true (and they are not), a thousand posters in Livingston doesn't do a fraction of damage to blacks in Detroit as do the actions and inactions of Democrats.

Detroit school kids get 30 percent more funding per student than do Livingston County kids...and a big chunk of that money is siphoned away by crooked Democrats....they are stealing the future of the next black generation. They are the true racists.

The Detroit school system is set up to corruptly funnel money to Democrats and their cronies. One small example: there were something like 250 non-existent employees who were getting paychecks. How many people had to know about that scandal and covered it up, either because of fear of reprisal or because they were getting a piece of the action? How many people stepped up and said the children of Detroit deserve better? For years, the answer was no one. Finally one man stepped up and now the corrupt people in power are going after him.

How long will it be before they start calling Dave Bing "Uncle Tom," the way they did with Dennis Archer? Even when your party gets a decent candidate, the racists in Detroit turn on them.

It's always safe to wave the race card at someone else; it excuses you from facing the real issues. All the Livingston County people in history...racist or not...have not done a fraction of the damage to Detroit kids as has been done by Detroit Democrats.

It's a fact. Deal with it.

Communications guru said...

It wasn’t me who played the race card, brett. Just a scan of the signs at that farce, all the white supremacists at these things and the crap about “I want my country back.” No body took it.

You calling someone else a coward is funny. Look in the mirror, brett.

The rest of your rant is just that. You wouldn’t know a fact if it bit you on the butt.

kevins said...

Wow. What a cogent counter-argument. You cannot deny a single thing I said about Detroit, so you call it a rant.

What else to expect from you? You don't give a damn about Detroit or the black population there. Your biggest concern about the city is that they tore down Tiger Stadium. That's your Number One priority. In fact, it's your only concern about Detroit. The city has, what, a 30 percent unemployment rate; a 50 percent or worse dropout rate; an infant mortality rate worse than a Third World country...and, that's right, Tiger Stadium was torn down.

I guess I must have missed your posts when you talked about all the good things done by Granholm for Detroit.

You have the nerve to call other people racists. You just want to play the race card when it is handy. You...like Kwame, like Conyers, like McPhail, like Granholm...don't want to actually do anything to help the black population, especially when there are still money and votes to steal.

Communications guru said...

I don’t give a “dam Detroit or the black population there?” That’s as stupid as your rant. And you reach that conclusion because I don’t support Republicans that really haven't done a thing for Detroit or working people. It doesn’t take a genius to know when a sing is racist. Even you could figure that out.

kevins said...

Tell me: How do you know when a "sing" is racist?

And I realize that you are conceding that you can't find a single thing that Granholm has done in 7 years to support Detroit. You are pretty obvious in this failure.

Nor have you explained how the Democratic leadership at both the state and city level have ignored the widescale corruption in Detroit City and Detroit schools. That's because they don't care or because they are benefitting from it.

Yeah...blame the Republicans for that one.

Communications guru said...

How is it a sign racist? Easy; there is the one that called Obama a "Muslim Marxist” the one depicting President Obama in African dress or the Nazi sign.

You would be wrong in saying I am “conceding that I can't find a single thing that Granholm has done in 7 years to support Detroit.”

Nor have you “explained how the Democratic leadership at both the state and city level have ignored the wide scale corruption in Detroit City and Detroit schools.” Or how “they are benefiting or even “benefitting” from it.”

Who plunged us into the Bush recession.
Yeah...blame the Democrats for that one.

kevins said...

So, again you admit you can't defend Granholm or the Detroit Democrats who plundered the city. It's obvious. The city was dying long before the nation plunged into the Recession.

You can't defend the Dems because there is nothing to defend. Was Bush supposed to discover that Democrats were stealing the city blind? Was Bush supposed to discover that Kwame thought it was his right to screw every woman who came within 50 feet of him?

You fit the profile of a Democrat: Unwilling to take even an ounce of responsibility. The recession had nothing to do with the corruption in Detroit. Kwame did. So did Conyers. So did many others. And Granholm didn't care. She had her Detroit votes. Why worry about the black children? And she didn't. And your only defense is to bash Bush.

And I'm still waiting to learn about how a "sing" is racist.

And what race is a Muslim by the way? What race is a Marxist? Why is it racist to call someone a Muslim or a Marxist? Am I racist if I accuse someone of being a capitalist? Do you even understand what you are saying?s

Communications guru said...

No. What “Detroit Democrats who plundered the city?” The city was far from dying. Every single community in the state is suffering because of the Bush recession. Even the Livingston County Board of Commissioners had to lay people off.

Kwame Kilpatrick went to jail for his crimes, no longer lives in Detroit and he is paying restitution. How is that not taking responsibility?

Granholm was responsible for MIChild, which gives health care to thousands of Michigan children, including black children.

I’ve already told you how a sign is racist, and yes, understand what I am (sic) “saying?s.”

kevins said...

Detroit's not dying? 30 percent unemployment. Over 50 percent dropout rate. Worst crime rate in the state. Infant mortality rate worse than 3rd world countries. Population down 60 percent from its high point. Bankrupt school district. City government in shreds. And you say Detroit's not dying?

When you set the bar that low, no wonder you like Democrats. Even they are successful by those standards.

Communications guru said...

That’s correct, brett. The city was really starting to come around, especially downtown, but the Bush recession has devastated cities.

liberalshateusa said...

Guru, You are the dumbest person on the earth. You are also a racist. Why would you mention a Black President? All the Americans at both the Mill pond and the 2 million in Washington DC yesterday were from both party's. You don't think out of 2 million Americans there was 1 Demacommie present. It was a protest about governments intrusion in Americans privet lives.
Get over blaming Bush, The Black guy as you put it owns the economy now.

Communications guru said...

Thanks for the compliment, hate America, it means a lot coming from the likes of you. Sorry, but the tea baggers are all Republicans, and it was a Republican event planed and put together by and for Republicans. For anyone who can read the signs at the tea bag events are racist, just like your profile photo. What the hell is a “Demacommie?” So now, the recession Bush plunged us into over the course of eight years wasn’t his fault? How is that possible?

Unknown said...

Obama bought the recession with the nearly $1 trillion "stimulus" package.

And the root of the financial crisis that triggered the recession were the tens of millions of subprime (i.e. worthless) mortgages that Democrats forced banks to make to people who couldn't afford to buy homes. Banks sold the loans to Freddie and Fannie, who repackaged them and sold them to unsuspecting investors. At one time banks required buyers to put down big down payments and show proof that they could repay the loan. But Democrats like Barnie Frank and Edward Kennedy said this was discrmination, so laws were changed to allow "low income" buyers to get homes with 0 down and no documented income.