Thursday, September 03, 2009

Skiba faces recall election, November 3

The Argus confirms what is expected. Matt Skiba, Hamburg Township Clerk, is facing a recall election.

Hamburg Township voters will decide whether or not Hamburg Township Clerk Matt Skiba retains his position during the Nov. 3 election.

The Livingston County Clerk’s Office reviewed 10 pages of challenges issued by Skiba to the 3,042 signatures submitted by recall efforts.

In total, the clerk’s office determined the validity of 3009 signatures, well above the minimum 2,455 valid signatures required to officially put recall language on the ballot.
Skiba will be allowed up to a 200 word rebuttal statement on the ballot, which he said he intends to fully take advantage of. He has until Tuesday to present that language to the Livingston County Clerk’s Office.

What will happen? I think Skiba is in a tough go right now, and needs to start defending himself more than he has been. If the election was tomorrow, game over, he's out. This is going to be a real nasty campaign.

So what happens if Skiba is recalled? I have to check to see if things have changed, but I don't believe they have been. The county political parties executive committees choose the nominees for replacement. That means the Livingston GOP and the Dems pick a candidate for Skiba's replacement. I am not on the County Executive Committee, but a different committee, so I have no vote on the replacement. I can give my two cents one way or the other in who to support/oppose, and go with that. I can say that I don't think that works to Hardesty or Hohl's advantage, since they aren't exactly active in the county party. Who's fault is that????? To use one of my favorite sayings, you don't win when you don't show up.

The nominated candidates will then run for the rest of Skiba's term, and face a major battle in August/November 2012.

That is unless Skiba frankly surprises me and wins. He just might, but he better start defending himself to voters and say what he's been doing in office.

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