Monday, December 07, 2009

Bipartisan Big Government at it again.

Here's the usual definition of bipartisanship. Both parties get together, come up with a scheme, and screw over the people and take away our freedoms. That's the case on the horizon here with the smoking ban issue. Big government statists are at it again.

From Gannett via the Argus

Senate Republicans will take another stab at prohibiting smoking in all workplaces, including restaurants and bars. But whether to exempt Detroit's casinos remains a key question.

"It's time to get it moving," said Sen. Ron Jelinek, R-Three Oaks, who is prodding fellow Senate Republicans with a compromise.

That plan would ban smoking in all public places, but possibly allow it to some extent at the Detroit casino on gaming floors, as well as in cigar bars. Smoking would be banned at the Detroit casino restaurants and hotels, possibly answering concerns of bar owners about giving a competitive advantage to the casinos.

Thanks Jelinek for once again moving Republicans away from our less government roots. The simplified version is that democrats are generally in favor for the ban, but want the Detroit casinos exempted. The Republicans are mostly against this, but if it is to be done, no exceptions. Both of those should be shot down.

Instead of no exceptions or few exceptions, how about a business choice exception. That's what we have now and it works. Most places right now are non-smoking. Almost all business are non-smoking. Few allow it.

The big fight here is over restaurants. Some allow smoking and some don't. That's currently the owner's decision and that is how it should be. There are some places in Brighton and Howell that do not allow smoking. That is their choice. Copper Pickle, Stillwater, and Brighton Bar and Grill do not allow smoking. These are privately owned establishments that made their own decision to ban smoking. They did it the right way.

It's crap like this that makes me want to take up smoking. I'm tempted to light a giant cigarette with the worst flavor possible as a middle finger to this. We can start in the offices of Jelinek and Basham.


Anonymous said...

Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak recently went smoke-free of their own volition. I don't smoke, never have, but I believe in a business owner's RIGHT to decide for themselves!

Communications guru said...

Oh please, “come up with a scheme, and screw over the people and take away our freedoms?” Why do 20 percent of the idiots who want to poison themselves get the right to poison the majority smart enough not to smoke? What freedom is that?

This is a public health issue, plain and simple. So finally a Republican is representing the will of the people, and you have a problem with that. On top of that, it’s a nonpartisan issue. Unbelievable

How about a business choice exception? Then let’s allow them to decide of they want to follow health department sternwards. Secondhand smoke kills.

The only thing that is crap is your ridiculous opinion. Please, take up smoking, and I dare you to light up where I work. I’ll personally throw your ass out.

Republican Michigander said...

Agree John. That's the way it should be.

Kevin, if you don't want to be around smoking in a bar or restaurant, don't show up there, and send the owner a letter way you don't do business there. Instead you people run to government and demand that private establishments change how they do business in the excuse of "public health." Public health lobbies are the biggest nanny state types around. Everything is harmful these days. That's life. Pork has nitrates, fats, and cholesterol. Beef has the same thing. So does chicken to a lesser extent. Caffeine can be harmful. Carbs. Those aren't just in pop, but in breads and many other things as well. Too much drinking is bad as well. With obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, anything is a "public health hazard" these days.

If the public health and Blue Cross (Whitmer) lobbyists have their way on everything, this world would be like the movie Demolition Man.

If smoking is such a public health issue, then ban the damn things. I don't agree with that, but I can at least respect the consistency with that. Hell, the government wants us to smoke at home. They get more money that way. Then they tell us how bad it is. Only the government can have that type of logic.

If I don't want to be around smoking, I don't go to Buffalo Wild Wings. I'd go to Applebees. I'd go to Brighton Bar and Grill or Stillwater instead of Red Lobster. Freedom. It's a grand concept.

Communications guru said...

Why are we making accommodations for someone whose activity is hurting innocent people? What right of theirs is being violated? What about the employees who need a job?

You’re dam right I run to the government because that’s their job. The Michigan Constitution charges the Legislature with passing laws to protect the public health. You might want to read it.

The excuse of "public health?” What does that mean? Are you doubting it’s a public health issue? Then try and make your case. The harmful effects of secondhand smoke are undisputed. I know you hate science, but it’s a fact you can’t dispute.

Pork, fats, and cholesterol may be harmful, but here is the big difference you chose to ignore. When I eat pork, the only person I harm is me. You can’t say the same with smoking, can you?

What people do in their own home is their business, and that includes smoking a cigarette or a joint.

I should be able to go to any bar or restaurant I want and not have my health endangered. Freedom. It's a grand concept.

This has nothing to do with the issue, but future Attorney General Gretchen Whitmer has absolutely nothing at all to do with Blue Cross.

Republican Michigander said...

Smoking is harmful. I never denied that. So is a lot of other activities. So what. Life is rough. Get a helmet. I just get tired of "public health" ninnies trying to ban everything that is harmful. The supposed "cure" is worse than the disease. After smoking comes the carb tax, which Virg Bernero was pushing as a state senator.

Businessman can and should decide to make accommodations for whoever they choose at long as it doesn't violate civil rights (race discrimination, etc). Bars and restaurants are privately owned establishments. You don't own them, so you, Basham, and Jelinek should not be making the rules for them.

Consumers should decide whether or not they want to take their business to an establishment that allows or does not allow smoking. If consumers tell business owners to not allow smoking, then that will take care of this issue and you can stop bitching about this being held up in conference.

Go to Brighton Bar and Grill instead of Bennigans. That is what sends messages to businesses.

Communications guru said...

I’m glad to see I won this debate. I’m so happy that, like smokers, you are in the minority, and the people, who vote, are overwhelming in support of this public health issue.

No one is trying to “ban everything that is harmful.” Secondhand smoke causes death and disease. That is what is being banned. Virg Bernero, like future Attorney General Gretchen Whitmer, has nothing to do with this issue.

There is no accommodation business can make for the majority of their customers who are not harming the health of others like smokers are. Deadly secondhand smoke can’t read, and it goes right into the non-smoking session to poison us.

Are you honesty trying to make the case that businessman can ignore the health codes because it “doesn't violate civil rights?” You can’t be that stupid. Yes, Bars and restaurants are privately owned establishments, but they still have to ensure the employees wash their hands after they use the restroom, must properly store meat, must keep the kitchen clean and many rules and laws that protect the public. Again, this is a public health issue; nothing more, nothing less.

You’re right; I shouldn’t be making rules for them, and I’m not. But, it’s Basham and Jelinek’s constitutional duty to do so, and that’s what they are doing.

I should be able to go to any bar or restaurant I want and not have my health endangered. Freedom, it's a grand concept.