Thursday, December 17, 2009

Congress votes to raise debt ceiling

In a big showing of fiscal mismanagement, Congress votes to raise the debt ceiling. From The Hill.

In an end-of-session nail-biter vote, the House passed a short-term increase of the debt limit Wednesday, setting the stage for a February showdown on deficit spending.
It was not a popular measure with centrist and vulnerable lawmakers, who don’t want to be portrayed as allowing the nation to go deeper into debt. The $290 billion increase would set the debt ceiling at $12.394 trillion.

The vote was 218-214, but Democratic leaders had to sweat it out. As the voting clock ticked down to zero, the bill was losing, 203-208.Thirty-nine Democrats rejected the measure and not one Republican voted for it. Three members, Reps. George Radanovich (R-Calif.), Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) and Bill Young Most of the Democrats who voted against the debt increase are expected to face challenging reelection races.

Three of the four Democrats running for the Senate, Reps. Paul Hodes (N.H.), Kendrick Meek (Fla.) and Charlie Melancon (La.), voted no. Rep. Joe Sestak (Pa.), who is running against Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.) in the Democratic primary, voted yes.

You can't have congress without the word "con," and this is a conjob of the highest order. 13 Trillion in debt. Sell this country out further to the Chinese government. Pay more money in interest - There's a waste of money.

I know the left is going to bring up Bush. Obama (who voted for much of Bush's spending as a senator) is making Bush look moderate on spending, and Bush was very liberal on government spending issues. He was wrong, as was Congress from 2002 to 2006 under Hastert and Frist. That was bad on fiscal issues. 2006 onward was even worse under Reid and Pelosi.

Bush spent too much. That was unacceptable. I said so then. Obama spends even more. That's even worse. The only good thing about this vote is that every single republican voted against it.

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JPITCH said...

It is interesting that Republican Presidents have raised the national debt significantly during their terms since 1978. You cannot just blame democrats…the Budget suffers when you lower taxes and not cut government to pay for it. Not a hiring freeze but a real cut. There is a massive amount of overlapping redundant government and bureaucracy at the federal level…The Republicans during their 10 years of power DIDN’T CUT SQUAT! Cutting taxes good…not cutting government BAD! Federal Spending also increased under Republican Presidents so did the Federal Debt…and we are the party less government…well we used to be. No longer…years of earmarks…sweetheart tax deals to big international corporations, etc have gotten us where we are today…and both Democrats and Republicans are totally responsible for all of it. So next time any of our present congressional congress comes up for a vote …. Vote them out…send a message…start acting like real Republicans or get fired!
Also to the blogger...if you spend more time CRITISIZING the Republican party and less time praising and really calling a spad a spad we might get better....Start aiming your barbs at Republicans who are not upholding true Republican party values...and not just conservative values...we only get better when we do ruthless self analysis and critique. Otherwise...we are just another looser on the playing field.