Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why should a conservative re-elect Snyder?

Why should a conservative re-elect Snyder?

            Before I became County Chair, I was an outspoken critic of Gov. Snyder over some issues. I supported Attorney General Mike Cox in the 2010 gubernatorial primary. My views have not changed since then. There are many issues where I disagree with Governor Snyder. However, he'd be much better than Mark Schauer. On every issue I disagree with Snyder, Schauer not only agrees with Snyder, but goes much further than he does.

            Rick Snyder signed Right to Work. It got to his desk and he signed it. Mark Schauer would repeal it. Rick Snyder signed a partial birth abortion ban. Mark Schauer voted against a partial birth abortion ban. Rick Snyder was leading the way to enact balanced budgets in Michigan. Mark Schauer added to the debt, both in Michigan, and in his two years in congress.

            We also need to help our good conservative state legislators in Lansing. Who is more likely to sign Senator Joe Hune's bills if they pass? Who would be more likely to sign a bill sponsored by Lana Theis or Dr. Hank Vaupel? I think we all know the answer to that. 

            One issue that isn't discussed is judges. As an attorney, I understand that this is an issue that can impact us for 30 or more years. In Michigan, judges are elected for their terms, but governors appoint judges to fill vacancies if judges resign or die during their term. Justices Robert Young and Stephen Markman, two of the best in the state, were originally appointed by Governor John Engler. You can bet that Governor Jennifer Granholm would not have appointed them, nor will Mark Schauer. Rick Snyder appointed Brian Zahra and David Viviano, both good justice who have judicial experience.

            With too much to lose with these issues, I highly encourage a vote for Governor Rick Snyder, along with Justices Brian Zahra and David Viviano, and Judge James Robert Redford (Redford's opponent Richard Bernstein has NO judicial experience). For district judge, Dennis Brewer has my vote. He would replace a Granholm appointee who has issues with temperament. Brewer is an even tempered attorney who would be an excellent judge in this county.

            This gubernatorial election is important. I do not agree with Governor Snyder on all issues, but I agree with Mark Schauer on zero issues. We can not let Mark Schauer win. Snyder agrees with us at least on some issues. We need him to win another four year term, and make sure the most conservative electable candidate wins in 2018.