Sunday, October 09, 2005

Poliitcal Derby Power Rankings

Here's an interesting site on the GOP and Dem horses for 2008. Political Derby

Their top picks so far.

1. - George Allen - Allen holds steady at #1, despite falling from the spotlight in recent weeks. The Jockey hears some are encouraging Allen to bid farewell to the Senate in 2006 and launch a "Listening Tour" that would effectively be the foundation for his 2008 campaign and a prime opportunity to remind people he was once a popular southern governor. Given the success of senators in presidential races, the Jockey thinks Allen ought to be listening.

1 and 2. - Hillary Clinton - The Jockey thinks if Hillary isn't careful she'll have to change her voter registration to "Republican". The insanely ambitious NY Senator continues to move right while taking timely jabs at the President in order to please her peeps to the left. Her recent move to break up the Department of Homeland Security in the wake of Katrina may look transparent to some and certainly smells a bit like opportunism. Nevertheless, until someone takes a shot at the 800-pound gorilla, she will remain the heavy favorite. (Get it? Heavy favorite? The 800-pound gorilla? Come on, stay with us folks.)

They have a top 10 and "others receiving votes" list on their site which shows momentum, and it's worth checking out.

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