Sunday, August 19, 2007

Updates, news and comment

It's a day off for me right now, so I will be catching up on some posts I planned out, but didn't have time to cover. From the Old News section:

First, I got over to melonfest yesterday up in Howell. I missed the parade however, and from what I've heard 2nd hand, the dems took a page out of the "Communications Guru" playbook. They were marching down Grand River in the non political parade with picket signs telling us how bad the other guy sucks (Rogers votes against Children, etc etc) - nothing about the several candidates on their side of the isle. If that is true (qualified statement), that's a good way to piss off the apolitical people and turn away potential converts. As the Motorhead song goes, "No class." As a republican, all I have to say is "Thanks, guys for your help!"

Second, John Dingell awhile back introduced a "Put up or Shut up" bill on this global warming hysteria going on out there. I like that the smug spoiled rich kid Robert Kennedy Junior and his crowd getting a target on his back for once. Dingell's bill taxes gasoline 50 cents, takes off mortgage deductions on 3,000 foot homes. I don't like the bill, nor agree with it, it's a dose of reality for those who think global warming is this dire threat, but just want to target American cars.

Third, Dan Meisler of the Argus had a good editorial about the light rail project between Ann Arbor and Howell. I've posted several items on that previously giving my opposition to subsidizing a project I do not believe will work due to the routes and low population of the area.


Communications guru said...

Thanks for the compliment. I’m flattered to know it was me that invented negative campaigning, even though it has been around since George Washington, and your party, with low-lifes like Karl Rove and Ann Coulter, have made it an art form. If pointing out the truth is negative campaigning then we are gladly guilty. I was also at the parade, and Mike Rogers was noticeably absent. Was he too busy to appear n the district? Ie knew Chris Ward wasn’t going to be there because he wasn’t even there last year during an election year. I don’t think he even lives in the district anyway. The only Republican in the parade was Valde Garcia. By the way, where was the Livingston County Republican Party? said...

C'mon, the Melon Fest? Really?

Is nothing sacred?


StubbornMick said...

Just wanted to update...the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference in September looks like it will boast a full slate of GOP presidential hopefuls, announced and otherwise. Take a look here.

I am also trying to keep track of the traffic, so tag anything dealing with the conference as MackinacGOP.