Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eric Holder wants new firearms ban

I would not expect anything less from a protege of the Butcher of Waco, Janet Reno. I would not expect anything less from someone who signed an amicus brief supporting a total ban on firearms in DC, spitting on freedom and the Constitution. I've opposed Eric Holder as AG for this reason.

Eric Holder runs his mouth to ABC here.

The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today.

Wednesday Attorney General Eric Holder said that the Obama administration will seek to reinstitute the assault weapons ban which expired in 2004 during the Bush administration.

And the real definition of "assault weapon" is whatever the government goons decide it is. Let's keep in mind that Mr. Obama voted to ban .30-30 ammunition as a so called "cop killer" bullet.


Communications guru said...

"The Butcher of Waco?" Give me a break.
This obsession of yours with guns is unhealthy. If you love weapons so much you can always join the Army where you can carry one everyday. Hell, you already know the phonetic alphabet; Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I had to go to boot camp to learn that.

The only thing that confused me about Waco was why the law enforcement waited so long to go in after an armed mad man with hostages who shot at law enforcement officers. I guess they thought he would release them. The name of the Butcher of Waco is Vernon Wayne Howell.

I'm happy that the Obama administration will seek to reinstate the ban on the semi-automatic versions of the 19 kinds of military-style assault weapons, just like he said in the campaign. That's one reason he won such a large majority. I don’t know anything about a ban on .30-30 ammunition, he, and I, support a ban on armor-piercing ammunition. If you want to call that "cop-killer bullets" that's fine. It really has no other use.

Bachbone said...

CNN reported that Pelosi ran away from Holder's statement as quickly as she could when its reporters asked her about such a ban. She said there were no plans to take up any such legislation.

Of course, Pelosi's word means nothing, so vigilance is necessary.

Red Or Dead said...

Commie Guru aka Socialist Democrat

If the ATF wanted to go after David Koresh. all they had to do was wait until he went into town as he frequently did. He was friendly with the local sheriff who was against the raid.

When does the ATF get involved in Child Protective services.

Read Wikipedia Here And it will explain what happened.

The so called Assault weapon ban of Bill Clinton did nothing to stop crime.

If I take a Ruger 10-22 and add a 25 round clip and a folding stock it is now a assault weapon.