Thursday, February 05, 2009

Judge Latrielle Retires

I heard this rumor for awhile. Judge Latrielle is a good judge and I was hoping he'd stay on until his term is done, but I am not surprised by this.

The Argus Reports.
Stanley J. Latreille, Livingston County's longest-serving Circuit Court judge in recent history, plans to leave the bench in early April after a 26-year run.

Latreille announced his resignation Wednesday, and has set April 3 as a tentative date for his last day on the bench.

He said he will consider serving as a visiting judge and providing mediation, but doesn't plan to practice law.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm will make an appointment to fill Latreille's seat after a candidate review period. The appointed judge will serve until the statewide election in 2010, and will have to run at that time to fill the rest of Latreille's term through Jan. 1, 2013, Granholm spokeswoman Megan Brown explained.

The process is expected to take several months.

Brighton-based attorney Michael Hatty said he will apply for the post.

Granholm gets to appoint a Circuit Judge. Among Democrats, we could do a lot worse than Mike Hatty. I would not be unhappy if that is her pick. We'll see who she picks.

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Communications guru said...

I can live with Mike. I worked with him when he was the Deerfield Township attorney, and I did a neighbors feature on him. But I prefer Judge Theresa Brennan. She has done a great job as a District Court Judge, and the voters have made it clear, twice, they respect her. Mike can fill the District Court seat.