Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama finally gets one right?

The Communications Guru is crying in his beer with Dangerously Incompetent Stabenow and Tom "John" Athans if this is true. Obama (As of now) opposes the political censorship known as the "fairness" doctrine. From Politico:

Until now, the Obama administration has remained mum when it comes to the Fairness Doctrine.

But now, White House spokesperson Ben LaBolt tells Fox News that "as the president stated during the campaign, he does not believe the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated."

Indeed, that was candidate Obama's position last June.

Hopefully he doesn't flip on this issue.


Communications guru said...

“Crying in my beer? Are you serious? First, I don’t drink beer, genius. Still, I appreciate you singling me out, but as usual you are wrong. Sen. Stabenow has certainly done more for Michigan than Mike Rogers has done for the 8th District, or even Livingston County. There was a good reason she unseated Spencer Abraham and was reelected in 2006. What was her husband convicted of again?

The thing about Democrats is that because we have such a big tent we don’t agree on everything. I know calling the Fairness Doctrine “political censorship” is a Republican talking point, and as such never true; but how can you possibly reach that false and ridiculous conclusion?

Like I said in my post on it, how about some basic fairness? If the few companies that own all the radio stations do not want to use the public airwaves properly and insert some basic fairness, then the FCC needs to enforce the Fairness Doctrine. The President doesn’t need to reinstate anything.

Like I have said; all I want is some basic fairness, and as a bonus they can make some more money.

Hopefully, he does the right thing on this issue.

Bachbone said...

Actions speak louder than words, and besides, we already know Obama's statements all have expiration dates on them.

Communications guru said...

I see you have taken the lead from your party's leader, rush limdick, and used the line "Obama's statements all have expiration dates on them." It doesn't make much sense, but if rushbo used it; in your mind it has to be correct.

Republican Michigander said...

Kevin, how do you know so much about Rush Limbaugh's dick. Does your wife know about that? That's not a subject I tend to think about much.

Communications guru said...

Ah, clever commentary. I guess when you have nothing and you are wrong on the issues you have to stoop to personal attacks. I guess you never heard about your hero being detained at Palm Beach International Airport after a trip to Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagra from a prescription that was not in his name.

Joe_Gonna Blow Your Dough_Biden said...

How can radio stations "Make some money" when liberal talk stations go bankrupt. They are all losers!!!!!

Communications guru said...

Liberal stations don’t go bankrupt. How can the Stephanie Miller Show, for example, compete when I can’t pick up her show on either 1310 WDTW Detroit or 1290-AM WLBY Ann Arbor where I live, but I can pick up Rush Limpdick and the rest of the hatemongers all over the state on WJR?

When the playing field is level, Liberal talk does fine. Didn’t you see the results of the last election?

ProudlyAnonymous said...

I'm no fan of conservative talk radio, although I find it fun to listen to sometime.

But it's clear that these shows are far more successful than are liberal talk shows. Companies put on the shows that make them the most money. It's that simple.

There was a company that owned several radio stations in Washington, D.C., including one that was all Obama all the time. It didn't make any money, so it was pulled.

With all the options available today...cable TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines....there is no way that various voices don't have all sorts of options.

On radio, listeners have voted and they prefer the Rush and Sean shows. So be it.

To force radio stations to put on certain programming is just ridiculously anti-American.

And who is going to decide if a program is conservative or liberal? It is a foolish move promoted by those...Stabenow and her husband, for instance...who can't stand the fact that conservative talk radio is so successful.

"It's not fair" they cry. It's not fair that Stabenow's husband's liberal radio network failed and then he relies on his senator wife to try and make things right for him. It's also not fair that he pays for sex but only the woman is charged with a crime.

Heck, it's not fair that an idiot like guru is allowed to vote and influence elections. But I'd never support a law to prevent him from voting.

"It's not fair." What a stupid justification. By that standard, life isn't fair. I wanted to play pro basketball, but teams wanted players who were taller, bigger, faster and better shooters. It's not fair. I want to play so I should get equal time on the court.

Bachbone said...

If "Guru" could read, he'd know the "expiration date" phrase was coined by Ed Morrisey, not Rush. Rush did use it, but credited Morrisey, so "Guru" apparently can't listen well, either. He knows absolutely nothing about me, either, so plods off the trail into the poison oak assuming I copied Rush, when I actually read Ed's piece and picked up the phrase there. (POW! Another piece of "Guru's" frontal lobe exploded!)

"Guru" must not even listen too well, either, or he'd know the GOP doesn't listen to Rush very well. Rush didn't support many GOP policies or McCain's candidacy. Rush speaks often of the need for a return to Reagan's policies, not what's coming from the GOP today. Rush a GOP leader? Hardly. Rush doesn't "speak for me," either. I was a conservative (more Libertarian than Republican) long before Rush came along. (POW! More "Guru" brain cells drooping.)

"Guru" doesn't even know much about "communications" from what I've seen in his comments. His "communication/language" often is filled with vulgarity and filth, as if he's auditioning for a slot on Air America. My English teachers taught us such usages were evidence of a lack of one's command of the language. "Communications" like that cause readers to quit before getting through the piece. Tsk, tsk, tsk, "Guru."

Liberals Mario Cuomo, Jim Hightower and Ed Schultz were aired on a local radio station in my area, as were conservatives Michael Reagan and Rusty Humphries. All didn't draw enough listeners, lost their advertisers and were dropped. The station owners were not in the business of choosing winners or losers, a la the Left. They were in business to earn a profit. The Left, as usual, jumps from "Freedom of Speech," which it already has, as evidenced from the foregoing example, to "Forcing Others to Listen" which no one is guaranteed. Cuomo, Hightower, Schultz, Reagan and Humphries all had their shot at speaking and being heard. Not enough wanted to hear them.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, it’s not “clear that these shows are far more successful than are liberal talk shows.” The simple fact is that when liberal talk is allowed to compete on a level playing field, liberal talk does as well or better as rightwing talk. What’s happening is the rightwing station is getting on the 50,000 watt stations like WJR and liberal talk gets stations like WLBY Ann Arbor that has a signal you can’t get but a few miles away and not at all at night.

The station you are talking about in Washington, D.C. - WWRC, '“Obama 1260 - has such a weak signal it was not fumy. Are you seriously trying to tell me there are no liberals or Democrats in DC? The station has long been challenged by a weak signal, and the frequency hasn't been a market contender with any format for decades.

No, listeners have not “voted and they prefer the Rush and Sean shows.” They are not competing fairly. “Un-American; please. The airwaves are owned by the public, and there needs to be voices from both sides. No one cares how successful rightwing talk radio is, and I don’t either. I just want to be able to hear liberal talk radio no matter where I am, like rightwing talk radio.

I do much more than just vote; I’m also out there campaigning. The only way you can compare the situation with talk radio with sports is if you consider that the liberal baseball team is only allowed four players on the field, and the rightwing team is allowed all nine.

Communications guru said...

Why would I read Ed Morrissey, if that’s who you are talking about? So, you are telling me Limbaugh steals material from another rightwing tool? I already know right-wingers do not have original thoughts.

“Rush didn't support many GOP policies?” Get real? So, Bush supported Obama for President? I don’t listen to that hatemonger anyway. Yes, rush speaks for you, but I agree he is no leader.

Bachbone said...

"Guru" once again demonstrates his 'unguruness' by not knowing it's legal use, not "stealing," if a user gives credit to an original source of a quote, which is what Rush did. But since "guru" admits not reading Morrissey (apologies for misspelling his name) or listening to Rush, "Guru" likely got his "Guru" certificate and "Rush did it!" sources from Joe "Plagiarizer" Biden, who also doesn't know the difference, thus his stealing of Neil Kinnock's speeches without any attribution whatsoever.

"Guru's" illogical deductive powers again display themselves when he admits never listening to Rush, but nevertheless knows what GOP policies Rush supported, whose candidacy Rush supported and whom Rush supported for president. Looking even deeper into his cracked crystal ball, "Guru" purports to know that Rush speaks for me though "Guru" has not a scintilla of knowledge about me other than what I posted above, which after looking to the heavens, he devines to be false.

I was almost ready to give "Guru" some credit for originality in the use of vulgarity and filthy language, since I'd never before seen Rush "Limpd***" used in a blog, but alas, "Guru" doesn't even deserve credit for that. A search on the term found it had been used in the far Left blogs ThinkProgress and CrooksAndLiars. So, we know where "Guru" spends his time and the kind of company he keeps.

"Bluzie," when are you going to ask "Guru" to clean up his act?

Communications guru said...

Limpdick may have credited this guy Morrissey for the quote; I don’t know or care. The fact is you passed off that lie as your own, and that’s means you are plagiarized it. “Joe "Plagiarizer" Biden? “ Give me a break. The fact is Biden had cited Kinnock as the source for the formulation every time but once. Here’s another fact, the Limpdick phrase, or who ever made it, is all over the rightwing echo chamber. That’s my point. Plus, I don’t believe Limpdick credited anybody for that lie.

This is the transcript from his show:
RUSH: Now, that's not quite what's in the newspapers today, and I don't know who to believe, the newspapers or Obama's spokesman, because Obama's statements have expiration dates on them. But the administration is going to propose that compensation restrictions apply only to banks that receive "exceptional assistance" from the government. Now, here's what Barney Frank had to say. Barney Frank was on same show, Slay the Nation, same host. This is after Senator Shelby says he agrees with limiting the pay of executives that get government money. Barney says that doesn't go far enough.

Now, he may have credited your boy another time like Vice-President Biden, but you didn’t. You’re lecturing me about plagiarism? Look in the mirror.

Why would I listen to the hatemonger? I can read the transcripts. I don’t even have WJR in my presets anymore.

I never claimed credit for coining the phrase Limpdick. He got that after being caught with the bottle of Viagra in someone else’s name returning from a trip to the Dominican Republic. If you consider that “vulgarity and filthy language” you can’t possibly live in the real world.

Bachbone said...

"Guru" admits he "...doesn't know or care..." about the truth. Very ungurulike. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Gurus are supposed to be bearers of the truth. How else can one be a true guru? Maybe he's kind of like Joe Biden, faking his guru certification.

"Guru" doesn't know whether or not Rush credited Ed, but I do. I heard him do so. Go back through the rest of Rush's transcripts, "Guru," and you'll find it. You'll learn quite a few facts your leftist news sources don't bother telling you, as well.

Who's "lecturing" you about plagiarism, "Guru?" I was merely trying to give you credit for "originality" for the "Limp****" filth, something your comments show you excel at, and everybody needs a bit of praise now and then. But my search found other lefties thought up that term, not you.

Not living in the real world? If the "real world" is where your comments and illogical, skewed and downright ignorant thinking are bubbling from, "Guru," then I am not in it. And happy not to be.

Why are you constantly so angry and hypersensitive "Guru?" OOPS! I forgot you're a Democrat.

Communications guru said...

Another lie. I said I don’t know or care if Limpdick may have credited this guy Morrissey for the quote. The truth is he didn’t, and you and Limpdick are the ones who plagiarized it. That’s the real truth. Do you deny that? I never, ever said I don’t know or care about the truth.

“Like Joe Biden, faking his guru certification?” What the hell does that mean?

You go back through Limpdick’s transcripts. I gave you a link where he used the line with no attribution. Give me a link. “My leftist news sources?” The fact is the few mega corporations that own the majority of media outlets are far from liberal.

You clearly tried to lecture me about plagiarism, and the fact is you plagiarized a comment. You consider Limpdick filth? Again, you must not live in the real, adult world, or perhaps you simply are not an adult. I never said I invented that fitting name.

If my comments are “illogical, skewed and downright ignorant thinking” then why can’t you debunk them?

“Angry and hypersensitive?” How did you reach that false conclusion? dan here singled me out for a post, and then he doesn’t have the balls to defend it, and I’m “angry and hypersensitive?” Once again you are wrong.

Bachbone said...

Watch out for shrapnel! "Guru's" head explodes again! POW!

"Guru" is so accommodating. He proves my point about his "illogical thinking" by commenting, " I said I DON'T KNOW or care if Limp**** may have credited this guy..." [emphasis added], then several sentences later adds, I never, ever said I don’t KNOW or care about the truth. [emphasis added] -- Uhhh, "Guru," if Rush MAY have, but you don't KNOW and you don't CARE...that's prima facie evidence not caring about "the truth." I.e., of twisted logic. (Freshman Logic 101) DUH!

The Net carries literaly dozens of links to sources citing the media's leftward bias. Even former SeeBS News mogul Paley is on record as saying it is over the cliff. You claim to be the "Guru" of communcations. Do your own research outside of MediaMaters, DailyKos, SeeBSABCNBCCNN, and the rest of the Soros funded crowd.

Ouch! Owiee! "Guru's" skewed logic leads him on the corkscrew path to imply I'm not an "adult," because filthy terms are not in my usage repertoire. That really, really smarts, "Guru," and I'm going to have to take a break while I wipe the tears off my keyboard now. Boo hoo. (I want my mommie.)

Reasoned discussion is outside the realm of possibility with leftists like "Guru," for they aren't really interested in discussion, only in pushing the Left's dogma. Give leftists like "Guru" ten sources, and they'll retort that they're "not credible" (i.e., not from the Left) or if you provide a source from the Left, they'll retort it was "cherry picked." Conservatives, as evidenced by this very blog, openly criticize both GOP and Democrat when warranted, but finding a liberal willing to openly say a disparaging word about a Democrat is, as my parents used to say, like "finding hens' teeth."

Apparently, you write a public column, "Guru." If that's so, let me/us know where it's published. I'd like to read it to see whether or not the language in it is as "adult" as you post here. If your employer (or if you're the publisher, your reader) is as liberal as you are about "adult" language usage. If it is, I assume only adults read your column. Does it carry a "WARNING! Adult Language" in the heading?

Finally, this will be my last comment in this thread, O "Guru." For two reasons. First, it's impossible to have a reasoned discussion with you. Second, based on the first, I'm wasting the host's bandwidth. But I do hope to read your public writing, "Guru." If it's as "adult" and "angry and hypersensitive" (typical liberal emotions, "Guru." Just listen to most leftists talking at a conservative for more than two minutes, or ask an objective party to analyze your own writing here; you went completely bonkers on the basis that you "...don't drink beer..." as the host wrote, when he obviously used the phrase as a cliche, something someone who is a real "communications guru" would have recognized; and any savvy leftist knows you never raise an issue, a la Stabenow's hubby playing motel house with a prostitute, when the blog host here didn't mention it...tsk, tsk, tsk, "Guru."), Mike Rowe's producers may be calling your office about the possibility of it doing a spot from your cubicle on TV's "Dirty Jobs." Mike could come in and help clean the muck out of your keyboard.

Communications guru said...

How can I prove your point when you don’t have one? Here is the bottom line; you and Limpdick plagiarized the comment, according to your logic. The rest of the name calling and all caps crap from you can’t change that.

Hey genius, if you want to find my blog just click on my name and it will take you there. But based on your writing it’s clear that you may not be capable of that, so here is a link:

I’m still waiting for the link to the transcript where Limpdick credited this guy Morrisey for the line like you claim.