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Thursday, April 10, 2014

MEA threatens a recall of Nick Fiani

From the Argus

Under his leadership as school board president, Nick Fiani said Brighton Area Schools board meetings have been short, calm and efficient.

Others, however, said the 26-year-old Fiani has been brash, disrespectful and is only using the school board as a steppingstone for higher political office. They also don’t like him requesting a police officer to be present at board meetings to prevent disorderly behavior, and they want him gone.
Retired Brighton teacher Millie Quinn told Fiani at the Board of Education meeting Monday that he needed to resign or she would start a recall. Quinn is a former president of the Brighton Education Association, the teachers’ union.
Jo Hurshe, a retired Brighton paraprofessional, also wants to see Fiani gone.
She said Fiani is using the school board as a steppingstone and is “stirring the pot to get some name recognition.” Fiani is a candidate for state representative in the 42nd House District.
“I think he lacks the maturity to understand what he’s really doing,” Hurshe said.
“I think he has a very adversarial tone,” she said. “In my opinion, it’s very immature.”

You're going to start a recall due to an MEA temper tantrum? This stuff is why the MEA leadership is disliked so much. Bullying. Intimidation. Political hit pieces, like the mailing against John Conely. Lawbreaking. There are many good teachers out there, but the leaders the union picks are among the the worst of all unions. That's bad company. 

The MEA loves recalls. They were the ones pushing the recalls in the past, and got Paul Scott's scalp after Paul had some unrelated unforced errors. However, Paul Scott was replaced by Joe Graves, another Republican. In addition, redistricting wasn't kind to Scott to begin with as it gave him a democrat district based in Burton. In short, they wasted a ton of taxpayer's money. The good news is that they wasted their own political coffers as well since they lost.

I do support the right for recalls. I don't think they should be judicial questions like many politicians. On the same note, I think BS recalls due to the MEA having a temper tantrum needs to be twarted if they go up for a vote. If you just don't like someone, vote them out at a regular election.

I get tired of Mike Tipton's comments in the papers all the time. Now I could probably get enough signatures to force a recall election in Howell Township, especially as he's twice run for higher office now before even serving 1/2 of a term. Am I going to do that? No. I'll wait until he's up for election in 2016, and then we will send him back to being a private citizen and end his electoral career. While I don't like it, I can live with it for two years and save taxpayer's money.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

And another one bites the dust

As the old theme song of the Detroit Lions back in the 80's goes. Another one bites the dust!

In honor of the 2nd Amendment movement, a third democrat senator who voted against freedom is now out of office.

From a Colorado news station. KDVR-Denver

DENVER — State Sen. Evie Hudak has decided to resign rather than risk facing a recall election that, should she lose, would flip control of the senate to Republicans, FOX31 Denver was first to report Wednesday.
Later Wednesday morning, Hudak made her resignation letter public.
“In the interest of preserving the progress made over the last year, I am resigning as State Senator for District 19, effective immediately,” Hudak wrote.
Hudak, D-Westminster, could have been the third Democratic lawmaker to face a recall over a package of gun control bills they helped pass earlier this year.
Sens. John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, and Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, both decided to fight recall elections against them, but were ousted in September in favor of Republican replacements.
Knowing that Morse and Giron lost every legal challenge in the run-up to those elections, Hudak and Democrats generally appear to recognize the likelihood of the third recall’s success — as long as the group of gun rights activists behind the recall effort got enough signatures to put it on the ballot.

The lesson here is simple. Don't vote against freedom. Don't vote against the 2nd Amendment. It's cause for dismissal. She resigned instead of being fired.  The last two recalls weren't in Republican parts of Colorado. Pueblo is strongly democrat, and while Colorado Springs is republican, John Morse's district was 58% Obama (Pueblo's district about the same). For a Michigan partisan level comparison, think Muskegon County.

Hudak's district was much closer, along with a few others.

Don't vote against the 2nd Amendment if you want to keep your job. It's not a threat. It's a promise.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anti-Freedom Colorado Senate President John Morse FIRED in recall election

The Colorado senate president John Morse has been fired due to being recalled. He was a leader in implementing California style gun grabs in Colorado. The price was his job and a message sent to other politicians.  Security, escort this clown out of the building.

From Denver Post

COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Senate President John Morse thanked and urged fellow lawmakers to continue fighting Tuesday as voters ousted him from office for his support for stricter Colorado gun laws.
"It has been an honor to represent the 11th Senate District," said Morse, who is the first Colorado lawmaker to be recalled and thrown out of office. "It's been hugely rewarding."
With about 86 percent of returns counted in the historic recall election of Democratic Senate President John Morse show 52 percent have voted "yes" and 48 percent "no."
Morse called the legislative session where he and Democratic colleagues passed stricter new gun laws a successful one.
"We as the Democratic party will continue to fight," Morse said.

Lesson for politicians. Take away our 2nd Amendment rights and we'll take your job away. This was a 58-59% Obama district that included Colorado College, so this wasn't exactly Livingston County here.

Updated - If the Morse firing isn't enough of a message, Angela Giron's firing is a bigger one. Giron represented a democrat district out of Pueblo. Pueblo is a union stronghold with a sizable Latin American population. This recall wasn't as expected.

Also from Denver Post:

PUEBLO — State Sen. Angela Giron has been recalled and retired Pueblo deputy police chief George Rivera voted in as her replacement.
With 100 percent of the votes counted, about 56 percent called for Giron to be unseated. About 44 percent voted for her retention, according to final results reported by the Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder.
A stunned Giron conceded just after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.
"We couldn't have done any more," she told the crowd gathered at Pueblo Union Depot that had shrunk to about 50 from about 200 at the height of what began as a victory party.
"I'm a little perplexed. This is what I know: I know that I have not one iota of regret from what I voted on,"

And there's no regret from voters firing you and giving your buddy Michael Bloomberg the one finger salute.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heads up this lame duck for gas tax increases and vehicle registration hikes

I'm hearing there is high potential of movement on this issue in the lame duck. Gas tax especially. This one pisses me off, and I'm not going to be very forgiving about it, at least on a professional and political basis. 

Once again. Don't blame me. I voted for Mike Cox. I voted for Prop 5. I'll vote for any reasonable or even semi-reasonable primary challenger to Snyder in a New York Minute especially if the democrat is beatable. One of the biggest reasons I voted for Proposal 5 is to put in the check the absolute cultist jihad among the Lansing elite in the dogmatic pursuit to raise the gas tax. This is shared by the tax raising Rick Snyder who is so brazen about this that he mentioned his support in September of this year soon before the election. It's not just Snyder either.

Of course there's no push to get rid of the sales tax on gasoline. This is another attempt by big government to be afraid of handling REAL budget issues and stop compartmentalizing different areas, and to instead ask - no demand - than we bail out the government's screw ups. This is all based on the false premis that the gas tax/registrations - and ONLY the gas tax/registrations can pay for roads. The transportation budget isn't just roads either, but WALLY trains.

From Bridge Magazine

Defeat of Proposal 5 means a simple legislative majority remains the threshold for statewide tax increases, perhaps opening the door to revision of the gas tax.
Did I call this or what.September - 41 cent gas tax isn't good enough for Rick Snyder

The bad news is that unless the 2/3 proposal passes, eventually this tax increase will pass, likely in a lame duck session. When I don't know, but there's too much of a sustained Lansing insider push from the government class. Click on the gas tax label on the blog and you'll see a ton of it, largely from termed out legislators, road lobbyists, and local governments. It's not just democrats either, but insider republicans (although definitely not a conservative) like Ken Sikkema who gave Granholm almost everything she wanted in her first term. Right now a lot of legislators are scared of this and rightly so, but this could kill us in a lame duck at some point, especially if the governor is also in lame duck.

This is a big reason why the 2/3rd amendment has to pass. It would have stopped the Blanchard, Granholm, and Snyder taxes that have been passed. It can also stop the gas tax increases whether it is pushed by Granholm, Snyder, or whoever is there in the future. The legislature does not always check and balance the governor who is mistakenly viewed as the leader of the party. Vote yes on Proposal 5.

Snyder wants this. Badly. Of course he can afford this unlike many of us. These high prices absolutely KILLED US (makes hammerfist and slams desk) in 2006 and most of 2008. We hit $4+ again this year. It's still over $3.50. At $4.10, 41 cents of every gallon goes to "With Republicans like him, who needs democrats" Rick Snyder. Right now it's about 37 cents.

As I explained about how bad this was with Snyder back in 2011.

There's three things wrong with the wholesale taxes.

1. Taxes go up even more when gas prices increase. That encourages higher gas prices to be even higher. We're almost $3.50 a gallon. That's damaging to any supposed recovery.

2. This does not address the 6% sales tax on gasoline - that does not go to roads. This will affect things more with a wholesale tax.

3. It continues the false assumption that the gas tax, and only the gas tax, goes to fix the roads.

4. While the non-sales tax portion of the gas tax goes to transportation, that does not necessarily equal roads.

I've covered this issue more times than Matt Millen has lost games as a GM. This is the worst tax in the country, outside of possibly the self-employment tax.

Transportation doesn't necessarily equal roads either. Snyder also wants $120+ a year in registration fee increases as well to add insult to injury. He likes the WALLY type trains as well. You got to be shitting me.

Well if they vote for this, well, six months during the term for those who aren't lame duck, the recall option  - yes recall option - is open. 1984 style. Paul Scott  was recalled, and replaced by a Republican, so there is precedent of Republicans replacing Republicans in recalls if this is necessary, let alone the democrats. For those who are two year lame ducks and have higher office aspirations, they can get recalled and their push for higher office can be gone for good. Too bad Mark Schauer didn't get recalled as he was running against Walberg in 2008. That two years he was in Congress gave us Cap and Destroy and Obamacare.

Here's the statute.

168.951 Officers subject to recall; time for filing recall petition; performance of duties until result of recall election certified.
Sec. 951.
Every elective officer in the state, except a judicial officer, is subject to recall by the voters of the electoral district in which the officer is elected as provided in this chapter. A petition shall not be filed against an officer until the officer has actually performed the duties of the office to which elected for a period of 6 months during the current term of that office. A petition shall not be filed against an officer during the last 6 months of the officer's term of office. An officer sought to be recalled shall continue to perform duties of the office until the result of the recall election is certified.

This is also important to remember:
168.952 Recall petitions; requirements; submission to board of county election commissioners; determination; notice; meeting; presentation of arguments; appeal; validity of petition.
Sec. 952.
(1) A petition for the recall of an officer shall meet all of the following requirements:
(a) Comply with section 544c(1) and (2).
(b) Be printed.
(c) State clearly each reason for the recall. Each reason for the recall shall be based upon the officer's conduct during his or her current term of office. The reason for the recall may be typewritten.
(d) Contain a certificate of the circulator. The certificate of the circulator may be printed on the reverse side of the petition.
(e) Be in a form prescribed by the secretary of state.
(2) Before being circulated, a petition for the recall of an officer shall be submitted to the board of county election commissioners of the county in which the officer whose recall is sought resides.
(3) The board of county election commissioners, not less than 10 days or more than 20 days after submission to it of a petition for the recall of an officer, shall meet and shall determine whether each reason for the recall stated in the petition is of sufficient clarity to enable the officer whose recall is sought and the electors to identify the course of conduct that is the basis for the recall. Failure of the board of county election commissioners to comply with this subsection shall constitute a determination that each reason for the recall stated in the petition is of sufficient clarity to enable the officer whose recall is being sought and the electors to identify the course of conduct that is the basis for the recall.
(4) The board of county election commissioners, not later than 24 hours after receipt of a petition for the recall of an officer, shall notify the officer whose recall is sought of each reason stated in the petition and of the date of the meeting of the board of county election commissioners to consider the clarity of each reason.
(5) The officer whose recall is sought and the sponsors of the petition may appear at the meeting and present arguments on the clarity of each reason.
(6) The determination by the board of county election commissioners may be appealed by the officer whose recall is sought or by the sponsors of the petition drive to the circuit court in the county. The appeal shall be filed not more than 10 days after the determination of the board of county election commissioners.
(7) A petition that is determined to be of sufficient clarity under subsection (1) or, if the determination under subsection (1) is appealed pursuant to subsection (6), a petition that is determined by the circuit court to be of sufficient clarity is valid for 180 days following the last determination of sufficient clarity under this section. A recall petition that is filed under section 959 or 960 after the 180-day period described in this subsection is not valid and shall not be accepted pursuant to section 961. This subsection does not prohibit a person from resubmitting a recall petition for a determination of sufficient clarity under this section.

History: 1954, Act 116, Eff. June 1, 1955 ;-- Am. 1976, Act 66, Imd. Eff. Apr. 2, 1976 ;-- Am. 1982, Act 456, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 1982 ;-- Am. 1993, Act 45, Imd. Eff. May 27, 1993 ;-- Am. 1993, Act 137, Eff. Jan. 1, 1994
Popular Name: Election Code

If they vote for this, we can't use this as the "official" reason to recall someone - at least in the state house because it is in a different term of office. However, someone can be recalled for ANY reason as long as it is clear. Find a vote from the first six months in that current term, and use that as the "official" reason. The unoffical reason can be the vote to increase the gas taxes. There is nothing that stops those supporting the recall of State Rep John Doe from broadcasting his vote for the gas tax increases. Recall campaigns are campaigns like any other campaign. It is a check and balance on this lame duck and right after the election gamesmanship that politicians like to play because they can get away with it.

The House and Senate has a choice. They can LEAD, or they can be followers and yesmen because the Lansing culture pushes that. They were followers and yesmen over the pension tax and didn't do the right thing. They need to do the right thing this time and dictate to Snyder that he's the executive director of Michigan and not the boss.

On the same note, we need to remember those with courage to tell Snyder not to even think about this tax and vote against it if it gets to that point. I remember the votes of  Jack Brandenburg, Dave Hildenbrand, Joe Hune, Rick Jones, David Robertson, Tory Rocca, Anthony Forlini, Ken Goike, Pat Somerville, Rick Outman, Pete Lund, and Andrea LaFontaine when it came to the pension tax. They did the right thing and voted against it. We need more of that here with the gas tax.

While Clint Eastwood's RNC speech wasn't the best, one line was perfect. Politicians are our employees. It is best that they remember this. If not now, in the 2012 primaries or recalls if necessary. .

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Paul Scott Recalled. So what's next?

Well, this is bad news. The MEA spent $130K and got their scalp. It looks like the remaining precincts to be reported were Mundy Twp and next to Flint.

While the Genesee County site hasn't updated further, other places have. Two sources are saying it's over, so I'll go with it.

From the Free Press
State Rep. Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc, became the first state legislator to be recalled in a generation after he conceded defeat in a recall election today.

The recall was backed by the Michigan Education Association.

Michigan Radio

Update 11:35 p.m.

Rick Pluta just called in to say that Michigan State Representative Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) has been recalled. Scott conceded defeat saying his campaign did their best, they came up short, and that he will not rule out running again in the future.

Scott is the first sitting state lawmaker to be recalled since 1983.

11:31 p.m.

This tweet just came from the Michigan Information and Research Service:

Recall Paul Scott team aware of numbers showing recall was successful by margin of 232 votes; not willing to declare victory yet.

10:55 p.m.

Still too close to call. With 83% of the precincts counted, the vote is 51% against the recall.

Rick Pluta just called in to say sources are telling him that lawyers are heading to Mundy Township to check into the count there.

Pluta reports that recall supporters have to do well in this traditionally Democratic township for the recall to succeed.

So what's next? The Secretary of State explains it in layman's terms.

1. The GOP and Dems will nominate a candidate for the vacant HD-51 position. There is NO primary. The nominee will be chosen by the Genesee County Political Parties.

2. There will be a new special election in February. This will be run the same way as a normal general election.

It's time for paybacks. Hold this district, and go after the dems, especially the MEA dems in other seats. They want to start a fight. Give them what they want.

One last thing. Close to home, the Trombley mailing was illegal and the local MEA affiliates was turned in for it. Again.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another assault on our checks and balances

One thing is sacred in our checks and balances of government. Recall. Recalls are rare, but they are there when needed. Democrats hate recalls and have never forgiven the voters in 1984 for kicking out two state senators who voted for a 38% tax increase. That cost the democrats the state senate. The arrogant Lansing elite has been after the recall ever since as they know what's best for us little people.

One of the reasons the con-con proponents want a con-con is becauseof their desire to nearly eliminate recalls by turning them into judicial questions instead of questions to voters.

One term limited legislator, Mickey Switalski, wants to use a backdoor way to eliminate most recalls, by forcing them to be in November. Tim Skubick explains

Under the current law, anyone in public office can be recalled based on “conduct in office.” That means if elected men don’t put the toilet seat down in the unisex johns, the women could force them out of office.

In other words, some legislators believe the recall law is just a tad too liberal and needs some tightening up.

And they have tried to tighten it up over the years. However, each effort has gone up in smoke. Many intimidated lawmakers were simply too afraid to vote yes for fear of what might happen back home with all those anti-government types…and you know who you are.

The Roseville Democrat Mr. Switalski is not afraid. He’s losing his Senate job because of term limits and may be looking for work after his bid to unseat Congressman Sandy Levin goes caput.

Instead of changing the reasons for a recall — the approach that others tried — the crafty senator is coming in the back door. He has legislation to reduce the number of elections in the state.

Currently, local and state governments can hold elections in February, May, August and November. The recall crowd loves to stage its recalls in the dead of winter when voter turnout is low and the chances of recall are high.


Switaliski would revamp the election law to limit recalls to November. That automatically eliminates the two winter elections and the one in summer, which does not draw a lot of voters either.

It’s actually an ingenious attempt to stick a spoke in recall mania, because the legislation is being sold as a way to save money by eliminating elections. The “recall” factor is a hidden agenda.

Recalls need to be left alone. The assault on our checks and balances between government and people need to stop, and Switalski needs to be taught a lesson on this in August in his run against Sander Levin (not that he's any better).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hamburg Clerk Replacement Race

This February, there will be a new elected Hamburg Township Clerk to replace Matt Skiba, who was recalled.

The township committee decides the candidates. They are members of the executive committee who live in the township. They must be a minimum of two and no more than five. Most of the county executive committee is not on the committee and do not decide this.

There will be an election between the candidate picked by the township committees of the Republicans and Democrats, as well as independents who wish to file. The democrats have their candidate. Annette Greve-Koeble (or sometimes listed as Annette Koeble). I've heard the name, but I don't know her. She's the county democrats treasurer. She and her husband donated to the county democrats, Mary Andersson's campaign, and Granholm's campaign. That's the limit of my knowledge Nothing really sticks out, although I wonder about someone who thinks Granholm is a good governor.

The Republicans township committee had a meeting last night. I was not there, as I'm not on that committee living in Greek Oak. There are five people on the committee. The rumor is that they trimmed their list to three people for interviews.

On a similar note, the Hamburg Township board of trustees hired Jim Neilson today to take the spot of Skiba. He will be clerk till February when there is an election. Right now it is up to the township committee to decided if Neilson is their person, or somebody else is their person. It's going to be an interesting decision. The deadline is 4PM Monday.

A lot of ramifications will happen depending on the decision. I just hope whichever decision it is will be the right one.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Election 09

Tuesday is the first semi-major election day since Mr. Obama and his people took over Washington. There are no federal races outside of the special election in New York's 23rd district, however, so other dynamics besides the federal issues do matter.

The biggest ones to watch are Virginia and New Jersey. Their state elections are Tuesday. Virginia usually shifts opposite of the white house in its state government. Doug Wilder was governor when GHW Bush was president. George Allen and Jim Gilmore were governors during the Clinton years. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine during the GW Bush years. In New Jersey, Jon Corzine, gazillionaire leftist democrat and Goldman Sachs crony is in big trouble. It IS New Jersey, so I suspect he will survive and win at the last minute because it is so democrat leaning of a state, but we'll see what happens there.

In Michigan, we have the special election for the 19th district. It's a good national bellwether district, so it is watched closely. It went for Gore, Granholm twice, Bush once, and Obama. Mark Schauer won it first with the original borders. The second winner will be either Mike Nofs or Marty Griffin. Nofs isn't as fiscally conservative as I am, but he's a lot better than tax raising Griffin, and Schauer.

Most of the state has school board and city municipal elections. There are tax measures in several areas that need to be voted on.

Here in Livingston County, we have the following:

Brighton Schools - The budget situation here is crisis, and one of the biggest problems in Joe Carney. He things the district needs to spend, spend, and spend, and then have the state pay for it. It doesn't work that way. My support goes to Miles Vieau for one of the spots. That's easy. The second spot I'm not sure about. The Argus endorsed Bill Anderson. I have a LOT of hesitation there, because he supported that big enhancement millage, which in fact contributed to his defeat four years ago. He's better on fiscal matters than Carney, but that's not good enough. Some of my local republican friends and acquaintances (Anderson's probably their favorite) probably don't care for that, but what will happen when there is big pressure? Will Anderson back another millage? Miles Vieau did not do so.

I'm actually leaning towards Keith Van Hentenryck. He wasn't quite good enough to get the Concerned Taxpayer's Group endorsement when he last ran (I was on the panel for his interview. I'm no longer with the organization, although I still trust their judgment), but he wasn't bad either. He seems like a true independent who won't follow any side or clique.

Howell and Brighton City have their own elections. I haven't followed things enough there to have an informed opinion to say yea or nay.

Hamburg - There's a millage on the ballot there. Also, the big recall election of Matt Skiba. I have mixed views on this except to say that I'm glad I live in Green Oak instead. If Pat Hohl and Phil Semprevino were also being recalled, I'd probably support sending them all home. Skiba could be doing a better job, but he never had a chance in the first place. He is a friend of Cindy Pine, and that automatically with that board made him Persona Non Grata. At the first chance, they wanted him gone, and they were going to make his job as difficult as possible and then recall them. Even a Big Ten video replay judge could see it....well, maybe not them. Because of this, I'd probably reluctantly vote no as the least worse choice. That aside, I predict this passes with at least 60%. Skiba has not defended himself well enough. I am quite curious though about the recall campaign being able to stay under $1000 with the number of bigger signs.......

Other important elections are in our major cities like Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Flint, and Grand Rapids.

There are other special elections that are below the radar of Virginia, New Jersey, New York 23 Congress, and Michigan 19 State Senate. On November 3rd, we have:

Alabama - House District 65
Georgia - Senate District 1, House Districts 75, 129, 141, 159
Missouri - House District 73
New Hampshire - House District 11
South Carolina - House District 48
Washington State - House Districts 9, 15, 16

I don't know much or anything about those districts, but they were mentioned by the Republican State Leadership Committee. In special elections, throw out the normal rules anyway on elections, because it is about turnout. Anyone can win a special election, even Democrats in Livingston County. (and I think they have a damn good shot in Hamburg, gift wrapped by people with R's by their name - although I never see them at the GOP meetings....)

It will be an interesting day. We need to make sure the good guys vote.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Skiba faces recall election, November 3

The Argus confirms what is expected. Matt Skiba, Hamburg Township Clerk, is facing a recall election.

Hamburg Township voters will decide whether or not Hamburg Township Clerk Matt Skiba retains his position during the Nov. 3 election.

The Livingston County Clerk’s Office reviewed 10 pages of challenges issued by Skiba to the 3,042 signatures submitted by recall efforts.

In total, the clerk’s office determined the validity of 3009 signatures, well above the minimum 2,455 valid signatures required to officially put recall language on the ballot.
Skiba will be allowed up to a 200 word rebuttal statement on the ballot, which he said he intends to fully take advantage of. He has until Tuesday to present that language to the Livingston County Clerk’s Office.

What will happen? I think Skiba is in a tough go right now, and needs to start defending himself more than he has been. If the election was tomorrow, game over, he's out. This is going to be a real nasty campaign.

So what happens if Skiba is recalled? I have to check to see if things have changed, but I don't believe they have been. The county political parties executive committees choose the nominees for replacement. That means the Livingston GOP and the Dems pick a candidate for Skiba's replacement. I am not on the County Executive Committee, but a different committee, so I have no vote on the replacement. I can give my two cents one way or the other in who to support/oppose, and go with that. I can say that I don't think that works to Hardesty or Hohl's advantage, since they aren't exactly active in the county party. Who's fault is that????? To use one of my favorite sayings, you don't win when you don't show up.

The nominated candidates will then run for the rest of Skiba's term, and face a major battle in August/November 2012.

That is unless Skiba frankly surprises me and wins. He just might, but he better start defending himself to voters and say what he's been doing in office.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Cluster-you-know-what in Hamburg Township

If one of you all back in August right after the primary was having a bet on the over/under for recalls being filed before May, I would have taken that bet on double or nothing. I saw this a long time ago.

Former Hamburg Township Trustee Mike Bitondo has filed a recall petition for township Clerk Matt Skiba.

Bitondo filed his petition Thursday afternoon, and a clarity hearing on the petition language was scheduled for 8:15 a.m. April 24 at the historic Livingston County Courthouse in downtown Howell

One politician from one clique recalling another. We haven't even gotten one year into Skiba's term yet.

This BS is really embarassing my party and my county. I'm fully supportive of the recall system, but it should be used for poor policy decisions (tax increases) and illegal misconduct in office, not for pissing contests and turf wars due to a clique losing the primary election. The good news on this is that it required 2500 valid signatures and will be no easy task.

We as a party just should have had a good scare looking at the last two election results in our county. Yeah, we won it by a decent margin by most standards, but not by ours. 56% is not solid for us. Our largest municipality by population is Hamburg. One thing that keeps our party strong in the county is relatively few screwups compared to some areas dominated by democrats, like Wayne County. We don't have 62 mills on our property taxes, like Detroit. Taxes are lower here, and the bond rate is strong due to the general fiscal responsibility here. I think it can be better, but it still could be much worse. In general, it isn't that hard for the most part defending this county......outside of the cluster###k going on in Hamburg. That's another story.

I can't defend Hamburg, which unless things change soon, is being handed over to the Democrats quickly. Our worst showing in 08 was a three way race in Hamburg where Skiba won with 41.63%. It was a win, because it was a three-way race. Debby Buckland received 38.89% and Hardesty's write-in as an independent got 19.56% Who knows what it would be in a two-way race. In the Hamburg based County Commissioner race, Dennis Dolan won 53-46% over Dave Buckland, Debby's husband, and Dolan generally did not have controversy on the county board. McCain was held to 51% there. I don't know who dragged the ticket down there, but at the very least, the local government controversies in Hamburg are not helping matters. It's not even an ideological fight between "RINOS" and "Conservatives" either.

It's high time for the Republican office holders in Hamburg Township to wake the #@%@ up and smell the maple nut crunch as Denis Leary would say, or we are going to create a nice solid "blue zone" in this county.

Outside of this recall, you all (the GOP office holders in Hamburg) have about three years to man up and turn this township around, or a lot of people are going to be sent home. Matt Skiba, Phil Semprevino, Pat Hohl, Pat Evon, Bill Hahn, Chuck Menzies, and Mike Dolan. They have to step it up and spend their time on township business and not clique business. Skiba's the clerk. Get over it. Semprevino is a trustee. Get over it. The elections are over. Man up and get the job done folks, or someone else will.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Fire Granholm movement catching fire?

From the Free Press

LANSING -- The campaign to recall members of the Legislature who supported last weekend's sales and income tax hikes may be expanded to target the one person most closely identified with the effort -- Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Recall organization leaders said Wednesday that the people contacting them to volunteer in the antitax recall effort are most upset with the governor.

Leon Drolet of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance said that just this week, he has received messages from 1,000 people volunteering to collect signatures to recall Granholm. Drolet, whose group planned to first target up to five lawmakers who voted for the increases, said, "It's amazing how angry people are about the governor."

Some of the political class are saying it can't be done. It couldn't be done in California either against Gray Davis....oh was done.

With some hard work, elbow grease, and top flight organization it can certainly be done. I'm doing some research and planning on this as I type. I know others are doing the same. Plans are in the works. Stay tuned.

One thing to remember, Lt Governor John Cherry has to go as well if Granholm goes. While I personaly like Cherry, he was the tiebreaking vote when the senate deadlocked. They enter as a team, and need to leave as a team.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Recalls. What does it take?

I've gotten a ton of questions about recalls and what it entails.

The full answer is here at the Michigan Legislature site. Below is the reader's digest version.

Here's the basics. I'm not 100% sure on all of this, but fairly sure based on the people I've asked about it. I'm going to use Granholm as the example target.

First someone needs to pull a petition in the resident county of the person being recalled and get the language correct for a recall. The petition must comply with 544c 1 and 2. The language for the recall must be CLEAR, or it will be tossed out. In Granholm's case, the county is probably Northville in Wayne County, unless there has been a residency change. Then it would be Lansing in Ingham County (home of the governor's mansion). Between 10 and 20 days after the petitions are pulled, the board of county election commissioners will certify the language. There will be a hearing on the clarity for the reasons of recall. Appeals may be taken on either side. If there is sufficient clarity for the reason of recall, then the petitions will be circulated. I am not as familiar on this part of elections, as I am on other parts of election law. That my disclaimer.

Once the recall reasons are valid due to clairty, there is a 180 day window to circulate signatures, and all signatures need to be within a 90 day period. The number of signatures is clear.

The petitions shall be signed by registered and qualified electors equal to not less than 25% of the number of votes cast for candidates for the office of governor at the last preceding general election in the electoral district of the officer sought to be recalled. Upon written demand, the county clerk, within 5 days, shall certify the minimum number of signatures required for the recall of an officer in the governmental unit in which recall is sought.

In Granholm's case, that means we need 950,314 signatures. It's not easy, but it can be done. The Gray Davis recall had over 2 million signatures, in a state much more democrat than this one, and at the low point of Republicans in California.

It can be done, but the organization and timing has to be perfect, and there needs to be enough money for it (paid signatures will be needed to win). I think we can get the numbers with the current "Throw all the bums out mentality". As for the recall election itself - if there are enough signatures, then there is the election. No other names will be on the ballot.

Shall (Name the person against whom the recall petition is filed) be recalled from the office of (title of the office)? Printed below the question in separate lines in easily legible type shall be the words “Yes[ ]” and “No[ ]”or in a form as may be prescribed by the secretary of state.

Political Action Committees are what support/oppose recall campaigns. Their regulations are covered at the Secretary of State's website under the Campaign and Elections section. However, recalls have no contribution limits by individuals. That means Granholm will have a lot of money from rich leftists and the Jon Stryker nutcases of the world. However, it means they will be wasting money playing defense instead of going on offense. It's not easy to spin a double tax increase. When a middle class family has to cough up $240 extra to the government, as well as another 6% on a bunch of services, it hits home. No amount of Stryker's money can spin the tax increase and the current economy.

If we can get all the Dick DeVos voters to sign this, we have more than enough signatures with plenty of room to spare. All it takes is a lot of hard work, a lot of organization, and the will to win. We have a choice. We can be stuck with the Matt Millen of governors for 3 more years, or we can a send a message to any future official what will happen if they run this state into the ground. If Granholm is recalled, that will be a message no politicians in this state, Democrat OR Republican will ever ever forget.

Let's send her back to Northville.

Granholm got her wish, and Michigan gets screwed

Double tax increases. I expected there was going to be one tax increase. I did not expect two. This economy is in the dumps, and that's the solution? Because government mismanages our money and messed up the state budget, going back from the Rick Johnson and Ken Sikkema led years to today's crew, we get this? Thanks guys. Because you all f'ed things up, we have to pay for it. Bipartisanship isn't always a good thing. Oftentimes it is when both parties get together to screw us over. It's when almost all the democrats are united, and a handful of republicans end up joining them.

While I was sleeping, the senate passed both tax increases, the sales tax increase, as well as the income tax increase. The sales tax increase passed 19-19 with Lt Gov. John Cherry being the tiebreaker. All Democrats supported the tax increase outside of Glenn Anderson who is in a swing district. All Republicans opposed it outside of Ron Jelinek, Valde Garcia, and Wayne Kuipers.

The Income Tax passed the senate. All Democrats voted for that except Anderson and Dennis Olshove. All Republicans voted against except Jelinek, Gerald Van Woerkom, Patricia Birkolz, and Tom George.

The House passed the Income Tax increase. All Democrats voted yes except Martin Griffin, Michael Simpson, and Lisa Wojno. All Republicans voted no except Ed Gaffney and Chris Ward.

The House also passed the sales tax increase. No Republican voted for that, and all democrats supported that except Kate Ebli and Marc Corriveau.

I still don't have the roll call for the MESSA reforms.

As far as Chris Ward and Valde Garcia go. Chris doesn't have a bad history on tax votes. There were two things he wanted. No shutdown, and some reforms. We got MESSA, but that was it. I did not expect a two tax requirement for the deal. To Chris's credit, he voted against the IMO worse of the two taxes (sales), although nether one was acceptable to me. Chris waited to the last minute and the board was closed, so I suspect he got burned, but wanted to keep a promise. At least he wasn't the deciding vote, and no democrats got a free pass (Simpson and Griffin DID vote for the sales tax - and let's not forget that). I haven't talked to Chris today, and I'd like his side of the story when this is said and done. Do I agree with the deal? No I do not. Do I consider him a RINO? No. Valde's a nice guy. I can count on him when it comes to the social matters, but this is one vote too many for me on fiscal issues. On this sales tax, I'm real disapointed. He was the deciding vote.

Overall, I'm flat out disgusted at state government. I'd love to support recalls against all of the state reps like Dillon, but they are gone within a year anyway. Let's be patient and send them home then. Dillon can and should wait until August next year. Simpson and Griffin played games, but they did raise taxes, as did Corriveau and Ebli. Those four can get sent home in November. So can McDowell, Espinoza, Byrum, Kathleen Law, Spade and other democrats in tough swing districts that voted for the double tax increase. All the other democrats should get primaried in August, as well as November opposition. April 15th next year is a great time to announce the opposition campaign kickoffs. Tax day.

Granholm needs to get recalled. She's the biggest problem. We can not afford to wait three years before she drives every single productive worker and industry out of our state. Rumor is that she wants to be a senator or Supreme Court Justice after she's governor. How about Private Citizen away from the government trough for the first time in I don't know how many years. If Gray Davis can get recalled in California of all places, we can recall Granholm.

In the senate, there are some tough districts that should be targets. Mark Schauer voted for both tax increases. He's now running for Congress. If he loses his congressional race he stays in the state senate. He should be the first target in the senate for recall. He can lose two elections. His current job, as well as the other job he wants. Send him back to Battle Creek

Michael Prusi is in a democrat leaning district in the UP, but Bush won it. He voted for both tax increases. He should be targeted.

Jim Barcia is in a swing state senate district. He's be extremely tough to beat, but being part of this mess doesn't help. Same goes for Deb Cherry, John's sister. They're nice people, but they still voted for double tax increases.

However if I had to pick and choose only two targets for recall, I'd focus on Granholm and Mark Schauer. Schauer is bucking for a promotion, and Granholm is the biggest problem of all. We got three years of those two jokers, unless sometime is done fast. Let's get the petitions ready and send them home.

Fire Millen! Fire Schauer! Fire Granholm!

Monday, July 16, 2007

We need to Recall ALL tax hikers

And that goes for both Republicans and Democrats.

The Lansing State Journal had an article on the pressure former state rep and libertarian republican Leon Drolet is putting on Richard Ball up in Shiawassee County.

Any vote to raise Michigan taxes is probably weeks away, but the specter of recalls already casts a large shadow over the Capitol and lawmakers' districts.

State Rep. Richard Ball, R-Laingsburg, knows better than most. An anti-tax group already has brought a giant pig to his district, circulated fliers and sought to hire circulators for recall petitions.

"We will be attempting to facilitate and assist citizens in recalling as many members of the Legislature who supported the tax increase as possible," said Leon Drolet, who heads the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance.

"I see, hear and feel desperation, people desperately wanting change, and I feel mounting anger at politicians."

Gov. Jennifer Granholm and legislative leaders are trying to figure out how to fix a $1.6 billion budget shortfall in next year's budget.

Granholm says additional revenue, either through raising the income tax or expanding the sales tax to some services, has to be part of the solution.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, has said Granholm needs to do much more about cutting spending and reforming government before he'll put it up for a vote.

However, I'm not interested in threats if we all as conservatives do not follow through and stop the big government onslaught pushed on us by Granholm and her democrat and RINO supporters. Government spent us into this mess. They screwed up. They have not earned the privledge to receive more taxes from us. If they steal more of our money, it's time for us to fire their arses - starting with the Matt Millen of governors herself - Granholm. Even California of all places fired a democrat. We can certainly do so here.