Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Big Government leftism by supposed Republican Snyder

From the Detroit News

Lansing— Doctors would be asked to report children's weight information to the state under a broad health strategy to be unveiled by Gov. Rick Snyder this morning in Grand Rapids.

The plan to combat child obesity will be unveiled as part of a special message on health and wellness at the Heart of the City Health Center that will include plans for a health insurance exchange and asking lawmakers to update the state's food laws, Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel said Tuesday.

Doctors would calculate children's body mass index and report it to the Michigan Care Improvement registry, Wurfel said. The child would remain anonymous. The registry run by the Department of Community Health is the same one used to report childhood immunizations.

Wurfel added there isn't a mechanism for the state to collect children's weight information.

"What we're going to be doing is urging them to report it, because it's a step in a very important direction" she said.

For adults, the state will focus on BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and other factors that contribute to heart disease and other costly health problems, Wurfel said.

This is bad, especially with Obamacare crap going around. Why does big government need that information? Besides that, BMI is a flawed measurement (not to be confused with percentage of bodyfat) that does not account for athletes who weightlift or some genetic builds. According to the BMI measurements, I was considered overweight at 190lbs when I ran an under 6 minute mile which I was able to do four times. I was in the best shape of my life then. People in bad shape can't run a mile under 6 minutes. I last weighed 170 was the first year I was weightlifting at 16 years old. At that time I was gaining weight during track season when we ran 4-6 miles a day. From an effectiveness measurement standpoint, replace BMI with percentage of bodyfat. That will take away the 5'10 200lb athletes off the obese list. I'll concede that I'm out of shape and overweight today, but I won't be confused with Michael Moore and don't have a 40 inch+ waist. It's not a secret who I am, so I don't have to tell you all reading this to take my word for it.

You throw bodybuilders and most of those who played football or hockey - even in high school, into the overweight or obese category, and you're going to add to an already what will be a large list. I'm not just referring to offensive linemen either. Even some defensive backs would be on that list. That will be trouble for all of us because it will create a "crisis." If you want to enact big government legislation, no time is easier than in a manufactured crisis. One year after the government gets the lists, the news reports come out..."70% of this state is obese. We must do SOMETHING." Blue Cross along with the very strong, organized, and underrated public health lobbies (look at the smoking legislation success nationwide) will make some phone calls and flood the offices of our reps. There will be many new restrictions on what we eat, what restaurants serve, etc. Also be prepared for "pop taxes" (Virg Bernero's baby as a state senator), beer tax increases, and other punitive revenue enhancements. Afterall....government supposedly knows best.

Is there a problem with both adult and childhood obesity? Yes. Some of it is genetics. Some of it is diet. Some of it is exercise. Who is the solution? Individuals and parents. What is the solution? Self-Discipline. Government doesn't need to be a nanny. We don't need Rick Snyder or Virg Bernero's nanny state.

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