Thursday, September 08, 2011

Skipped the debate and the Obama jobs speech

The big political news right now is the debate and the the Obama jobs speech. I skipped them both, for similar reasons.

With the debates, it's all gotcha politics. Most candidates hate them. They hate them because it takes up their time they would rather spend knocking on doors and meeting voters. Those who go to debates are usually folks who already made their decision. Those who watch often are leaning in a certain direction. At best, they are soundbites that may catch inconsistencies.

With Obama's jobs speech, I have simply better things to do, like watch football, than be lied to. I can't believe a word this guy says to begin with, so why would I waste my time? We've had nearly three years of the Peter Principle in chief in office, as well as his four years as a Senator. Obama's record is loud and clear. It sucks. According to the low lights, his plan is more of the same Keynesian economic spending. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting better results. It's time for the Peter Principle in chief to at least get out of the way of economic matters and defer to those who are more capable. Keynesian economics didn't work, doesn't work, and won't work in the future. This was proven 30 years ago in the 70's with Nixon and Carter.

Speaking of records, that's a reason why I didn't watch the debate. The three frontrunners, Governor Rick Perry, Former Governor Mitt Romney, and congresswoman Michele Bachmann, all have records. We know what to expect from Perry and Bachmann, and in Romney's case, don't know what to expect due to consistency problems. With the others, we also know what to expect from Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Gary Johnson, Thad McCotter, and Newt Gingrich. The only one that doesn't have political office experience is businessman Herman Cain. Cain is quite clear where he stands on issues as well as a radio talk show host. The debates won't change what they have done, and what any of them will be likely to do if elected president.

Talk is cheap. Political talk is even cheaper. Deeds, not words.

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