Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Free Pass for the Genoa Township so called road millage

When you want to raise property taxes $3000+ for something that doesn't fix the roads(Based on their own master plan) , but widens, paves, and cuts down property owners' trees on rural country roads like these, you ought to expect some big time resistance. 

In 20 days time, a grass roots campaign has sprouted from my old neighborhood to support property rights, rural character, and fiscal responsibility. Protect Genoa Township Neighborhoods. Most of the people involved in the fight are regular people and not very political. They follow issues and vote, but when the election's over that's it until the next one. This one is a different story for several reasons.

  • A $200,000 valued home will pay $3000 in taxes with this 15 year millage.
  • $16 Million of the 22-23 Million goes to widening and paving rural country roads instead of fixing new roads. 
  • Most of the main roads aren't going to be fixed from this millage. Brighton Rd, Grand River, Chilson, Door, most of Challis (outside of roundabout and the dirt area), the main portion of Bauer towards the ski area, Coon Lake. Those roads aren't covered by this millage
People who move to dirt roads do so for a reason. They like rural living. Many of the residents have lived here for 30 years. Now the township board with the exception of Jean Leford and Jim Mortensen want to raise taxes $3000+ to destroy the properties. That's not right.
Those who wish to fight this can send donations payable to
Protect Genoa Township Neighborhoods
PO Box 1182
Brighton, MI 48116.

There's been enough money raised to send one mailing already. Some of you may have received it. The group has another one planned if there is enough funding.

Please vote NO on November 5th, 2013.

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