Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jocelyn Benson for MI-11? She doesn't live there.

The convicted inside trader George Soros pushed the Secretary of State project. Their backed candidate for Secretary of State in 2010 was Jocelyn Benson. Thank God she was defeated by Ruth Johnson and that all those out of state contributors didn't get any return on their investment.

Benson is now considering a congressional run, in the 11th District currently held by Kerry Bentivolio who has a tough primary against David Trott. Whoever wins that primary will be bruised in the battle and will need support. He'd also be 10 times better than Benson, who doesn't even live in the district.

From the Free Press

WASHINGTON — Jocelyn Benson, dean of the law school at Wayne State University and the Democratic Party’s nominee for Michigan Secretary of State in 2010, is eyeing a congressional race in metro Detroit next year.
Benson, 35, is apparently considering a run as a Democrat in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, currently held by U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, R-Milford, who was elected to his first term last year.
A Democratic source told the Free Press that Benson is looking at entering the race after she met Wednesday with various party bigwigs in Washington, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and addressed a House Democratic caucus meeting.
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Emily’s List — a group that helps elect pro-choice Democratic women candidates — also are believed to be willing to offer support, according to the source who spoke on condition of anonymity because the meetings had not been made widely public.

I checked the campaign finance contributions for Benson. She claims the Detroit Riverfront as her residence. Now while technically you CAN run for federal office outside your district, it still isn't right, especially when your own seat (Peters) is opening up. I live closer to this district than Benson. At least my relatively small township borders the district with Lyon Township. As large as Detroit is, it doesn't touch the 11th. It borders the 9th (Macomb) and 12th (Dearborn) along with the two districts (13th/14th) within the city.It's about 12 miles from Livonia Border to downtown (not quite the riverfront, but relatively close). It's about 12 miles from Birmingham or Clawson to downtown. This isn't just an across the street type of move. It's a two districts away carpetbagging.

I'm sure places like South Lyon, Milford, and Highland would absolutely love a City of Detroit Soros backed professor representing them. Or Livonia and Birmingham for that matter.

She needs to get sent back to Wayne State.

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Communications guru said...

Ah, the George Soros bogyman again. I know how you Republicans hate self-made, successful men. You much prefer the hundreds of rightwing billionaires who inherit their wealth like the Walton family, the Koch brothers, Devos, Romney and Mellon Scaife just to name a few. It always comes back to Soros with you.

Here are a few carpetbaggers for you, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-UT and idiot teabagger Alan West. I’m sure you were pretty quiet about them. Still, you must really be scared of Jocelyn to attack here when she hasn’t even said she is going to run. That’s what’s known as a preemptive smear. I see why you’re doing it. She’s an excellent candidate, especially compared to the likes of Crazy Santa Bentivolio and Simon Legree Trott.

By the way, Jocelyn is the Dean of WSU Law School, not a professor.