Thursday, October 17, 2013

Same as it ever was

All I have to say about today's vote and the so called compromise is this:

The biggest problem in the local and state Republican party are idiots and consultants in DC making our jobs here 100 times harder.

The dems always do what they are told from leadership and vote in lockstep. They are what we thought they were. The Republicans are always undercut by consultants and people like McCain and Graham who always go on TV and run their mouths against other Republicans.

Out here we have nothing to do with those idiots, but shit runs downhill and we get the fallout and get doubleflanked.

It was predictable, bad tactics, worse messaging, gutlessness, worse policy, and bad all around and some fault was on all sides.

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Communications guru said...

You really are an idiot. The local party is in good hands. First, it was not a compromise or a negotiation; it was a Republican hostage situation and shutdown. American voters are smarter than you think, and they know that.

To say Democrats vote in lockstep and do exactly what leadership tells them to do is one of the most ridiculous things you have ever written, and there have been many.

I cannot wait until 2014. Gerrymandering will not save you this time.